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Fiologist -

So I been thinking (hard to beleive i know) that instead of the typical race change implemented out of the blue that there is a much more fair and easier for staff way to do it.

Determine the change to whatever races and then at the beginning of an age staff can post those changes WITH the announcements of that age. However those changes will not be implemented until the following age. That way anyone playing a race that is affected can have a chance to either change race at the end of their tribe life or adjust to the new changes. Also you coders have all that time to get it in the system as well.

I think this is a fair way to prevent sudden losses or gains to as tribe. Twice now i was lucky to have my race nerfed and it sucks so bad. so please take this serious.

Fiologist -

Well this time my race wasnt nerfed but the changes did not fit that way i was playing it.

Termato -

Yeah Fio I agree, if you have a race and they get nerfed it's good but in some cases they get crapped out and it sucks to keep playing that race.

I was lucky to have Rept Hai nerfed but when I played Balrog they got downgraded and it sucked :(

Fiologist -

Yup and this way no one can be taken off guard again unless they ignore the announcements.

Also staff would have to post it with exactly 6 weeks or a tribe life notice. cant see any way that would be a negative thing.

Termato -

Yeah except the fact that you wouldn't get the changes necessary for balancing the game until 6 weeks later. But if you get in a groove it just happens regularly once it gets going...know what i mean.

Termato -

Do you guys remember when you made the BIG TRIBE where everyone in Orkfia had to try and kill it and who ever killed it got a bonus. It was like 30k acres with a shit load of strength and picked on everyone?!

We should do something like that again.

Noodle -

I remember that! That was really fun! Even for weak tribes.
Should do something like this again.

Aqualightnin -

would you prefer they flat out took the race away for a whole age, then reimplemented the class the following age with changes? i believe thats been done in the past.. honestly i dont think its a huge problem..

as it is, changes are made, then observed for an age, see if the intended problem is fixed, if others are caused, if anything else is needing attending to, etc, then new changes are discussed and implemented throughout the age and decided at (or just before) age end.

i agree that ALL of the changes should have its info posted at least a couple days before they are implemented, but an entire age ahead is a bit much. >.<

to be honest, if i was playing mori hai, i would LIKE the new changes more than the old stats, i mean defending your tribe is easier now (but thieving is a bit more risky than before, because you are sending out a larger portion of defense, but that's typical of thievery classes in general)

side note - only 2 people playing mori hai right now, i think these changes were meant to make them more attractive, not to “nerf” them. >.<.

anywho, it is more than fair to say you would want more notice, i dont see how it could be too hard for those that be to accommodate :P

Noodle -

Ill never play mori again...It was an awesome attack/thieve unit.Until now.[:(]

Lord Saggy -

That's like saying you're never going to play Raven again because of server lag. Moris are still fun. It's just changed a tiny incy wincy bit.

Dev Lord Iluros -

It was an attacker that you couldn't really use as a thief because the thieves were too expensive.

Now it's a bit of an amazing thief with limited attack ability, best pursued via elites. Probably about the same as a templar - mainly half razes. So in the future it'll become slightly less good of a thief and a better attacker.


reset races via 2005

Fiologist -

Well not to be disrespectful at all but i have to disagree with Aqualightnin on only 1 part. Its only fair to give someone a lifetime to change or prepare for a change. I am not sure how you decide what race is off kilter but mori was the same for quite a while before all of a sudden they needed attention.

In my case its not that they nerfed the race but that they changed how its played. I had all def. units and then i used thieves for off. and thief protection. Thus attacking was a thief gamble. So then all of a sudden the change came and 40% of my off. worth was gone. Yes i had more def then but didn't really need it.

The point here really isn't about crying about my tribe but in general its unfair to have a race change in the midst of someone strategically shaping their tribe. Without knowing before you choose a race that it will be changed one cannot form a strategic long term plan on how they will play the race.

In the old days the age ended and race changed were made and we all discussed what and how we would play that race and knew that would remain constant til age end. Now we choose a race an go forth only to have it be a gamble on if it will be changed and make the strategy useless. Even with a weeks notice,(that was promised by the way), a tribe that has been older has a hard time converting his plan.

This being the second time a race change has ruined my strategy i am disheartened and am thinking that if i get killed before an age ends the only way to not get screwed is to just stay green until the next age begins.

Sasuke Uchiha -

i always thinking like this: announcement will tell me the next races stat but they will implamanted this with same when the new age begin. but... yeah, not that easy.

Dev - Joe -

Fio makes sense and cannot be disputed really. He's pretty much right.

Acwder -

Joe makes sense and cannot be disputed really. He's pretty much right about Fio being pretty much right.

Bolle -

Neither of you three make sense. Mori are imba now, don't whine :P

Lord Saggy -

Bolle always ruins the fun. I Vote Bolle for the person who always ruins the fun. We shall call the award, The Bolle Award.

I've never played Mori, but the peoples accounts seems to suggest a slight disheartening towards the latest patch.

Fios suggestion to notify players of updates a whole age before is nice. Though it gives every alliance a whole age to prepare - which takes the spice out of things.

I was a bit sad with the decrease in ML bonus with DE, but I can handle it.. it wasn't a huge change like the Moris offence.

Fiologist -

Well there always has to be a detractor or two to anything. It happened way back when i suggested race specific spells and changing the elder to a different color. I was flamed about both but then all of a sudden someone else had “a great idea!” and they both happened. :p

Bolle -

Battle of the Ego's!

It was probably just like all these inventions. Two people make em and afterwards they whine :)

Fiologist -

lol most likely the case here as well.

Did i mention that i invented the internet?

Bolle -

No. I bet your motives were real bad [evilgrin]

Fiologist -

All i wanted was free Pron!

Termato -

This isn't just about Mori guys but about all the races and their changes.

When an alliance picks their race strategy for the next age, it's best to know what that race will consist of. This way you can pick the best races for your strategy instead of picking races that will most likely be changed and then those changes affecting how your strategy works.


Aqualightnin -

but mori was the only one affected by it, the rest was posted early

Bolle -

Yeah! Mori needed this positive boost! Straight away! We see you all love it [:D]
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