Race Change Suggestion/Demand

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WayHigh -

when will mori get there thieves produce food thing ?

soon i hope [evilgrin]

Dev Lord Iluros -

It's coded, soon to be uploaded. :D

Pollito -

Aqua!!! You keep on missing the ~!!!

Sasuke Uchiha -

what if the new code when uploaded, anytime, but the implementation only after the race is reset or rebirth ?
this is good or great if this game can do it. [;)]



HaRRy -

No that doesnt work because you'd get two different stats on the same race. confusing for attackers.

WayHigh -

cant we all just get along

and implement the mig age changes

O i wish i had some orkfia Mid-age changes

Cus that is what id really like to have

Cus if i had some orkfia Mid-age changes

Then i would be a happy mori hai


kemi-san -

rofl [:D]

Sasuke Uchiha -

No, it's not confiusing as long ur thief did his job well. ^^[:D]
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