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stampot andijvie -

Did ask this like 1 hour ago in an allready archived topic, but since prolly noone is gonna look there, might as well post it here:P

stampot andijvie, 52 minutes ago. Edit - Quick edit

Another question about raids;

In the guide is says raids gives about 3% of the targets land.

How about for expl a 3k acre attacking tribe raids somone who's 1k. Would it still get around 30 acres eventhough the difference in landsize between the two?

Could somone specify this for me please?:)

OrigenX -

The land gains decrease alot when the landdifference is bigger!

Aqualightnin -

go to the external affairs page when looking at an opponent, when they are much smaller than you it will say something along the lines of

“Also, due to their small size we will gain less land on attacks, our operations and spell will have lowered success rates (50%) and attacks only do 50% damage.”

if you see a message like that, its a good indicator that the land you gain will be affected as well (not exactly by that same percentage, but you get my drift)

usually when attacking the tiny raid targets (under 1k) you only get a few acres, if any.

raiding targets within your optimal range yield acres as expected.

stampot andijvie -

allright, thanks a lot:)

Bolle -

P.s. a similar mechanism is in place for money gains (with a max cr gain).. Harry or someone else can tell you all about it, I keep forgetting whether it's just a max cr gain based on acres or whether your own size matters as well.

The gist is, raid big targets with huge cash amounts :P

Joe -

A bit offtopic but your leader name is nice :D

stampot andijvie -

Yeah bolle I get the thing, but I am more interested in the combination of acre gain and money at the same time for a static growth....since high elf gets free def spec as well for every acre it gains

Oh, thanks Joe. typicle dutch hah:D

HaRRy -

You're missing a p though.
It's not stam-pot but stamp-pot

And being hypercorrect it would be andijviestamppot. Though that also depends on the sentence it's in.

Anyway stampot andijvie, don't count on raid for growth at all. Just do raids for the money gain and do a standard attack or a barren grab or commandeer when you have the military to back it up(which as High Elf isn't a real factor either).

stampot andijvie -

Ok I see. I'll stick with standards and barren attacks:)

After all these years...I still tought it was with one “p”. Thanks for teaching me a dutch lesson!

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thinking of changing my nick to spruitje

Bolle -

Harry is a liar. I always say stamppot andijvie :P

i'll be erwt ^^
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