State of the game.

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Kalten -

well its just he wasnt gonna be on for a while and i saw how much land fakesmile had and wanted to know how he got so much land

Fakesmile -

got lots of defences too [:p]

Kalten -

lol yep

Tek Jansen -


Kalten -

why did u type blip tek??

Pollito -

Blip blip blip!

michelob -

Fakesmile, 5 days ago

i'm in **, kalten is in **, he asked me for tips and i gave him tips. bit weird that it has to come from another alli. his leader should teach him

You ever think perhaps he was told what he needed to do and instead of doing it, went looking for someone to tell him it was ok to do it the way he wanted to. Kind of like when the little kid gets told no by the mom, so he goes and asks the dad.

Pollito -

So is Fakesmile the mom? :O

k-man -

seems a bit defensive imo

mazja -

no- I'M the MOM-lmao[:p]

Pollito -

Can i be the foreign cousin :)?

mazja -

of course Pollito[heart]
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