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Watts -

Well no wonder this game is dying when an alliance like 32 play this game, tribes that is dubbel the size do BC and raids on you and cast alot of spells only sad to see that they destroy the game and people quit...

k-man -

I'm not in either alliance but a simple FO shows that its retal. IM completely against randomly bashing new players but if you attack an alliance expect to get hit back thats the game deal with it

Pollito -

Theres solutions to problems like these. 1st you can pm their elder and ask them why theyre attacking like that and why so much. 2nd you have to post up those news on your Alliance forum. That way your mates know exactly whats going on and then you can strategize on retaliation. Simple as that. Dont let it get to you. Dont quit

HaRRy -

In a game with a lot of people who can all attack eachother(wouldn't be much fun if you couldn't imho, and we do already have some limits/penalties) this can always happen.

As Pollito said, you can be friendly about it or you can plan a strategic retaliation.

I've played several years now, and I always managed to either get revenge or get along friendly with the attackers for the rest of the age.

Joe -

Read the wall of text. My advise would be: deal with the consequences of your actions, and learn from it. In this game, other players do not exist in order to help you and pave your way to 10k. Rather, they try to pave the way to your coffin for you. A big step forward would be to not step in the spotlights of alliances that are able to put you into that coffin :P
Be a bit responsible for your poor virtual people that you are leading :P

HaRRy -

btw. The game is less dying every month since like 2 years back(or even longer)

Because less dying doesn't make sense, I would like to call it: Alive.

Fakesmile -

[:D] you could have just asked friendly, instead your bitching and were not really polite in your msges towards us[;)]

Pollito -

Well that explains something...

mazja -

harry- i thought you've been playing for like, 100 years?????????????????????????

to the new guy, i think you're new- anyway- while most uf us will try not to take advantage of new players so they can grow and learn a bit, u must remeber that this is a WAR GAME- goal is to KILL-

thta being said, definatley pick who you attack/op wisely- retals are inevitable-however playing risky can be fun and sometimes when you get clobbered you learn what changes to make!

no WHINING IN ORKFIA! suck it up and have fun! [;)]

Fakesmile -

besides, you suicided mate [;)]

you can always ask someone for hints and tips.

Bolle -

I have officially played this game over 30% of my life now [:D]

Fakesmile -

omg so your like 120 years old.... [:D]

k-man -

nah he is 1 been playing for 3 months [;)]

Pollito -

Bolle is a Nazgul!

nimrodel -

Never suicide , and in better reason never suicide on active TOP 10 ally :)
I hope you learn your lesson now..
Ask if you need help to grow

Sasuke Uchiha -

the problem is if he is a new tribe, know nothing about this war killing game, jumping in small ally with less/none forum activity (because his friend who asked him to join just in big full ally), and got killed in his 1st strike. yup, they maybe quit as soon as they came.

i not know, if there is a player in this game as really2 new; maybe less than 1 or 2 years.

Watts -

Posting tribe news is not allowed, so i removed it for you

-- Robokop

k-man -

I have players in my alliance who are playing there first life so yes there are new players the problem is finding a new player who is willing to listen and active enough to be worth the time of training, lets be honest it takes years to learn AatW and if your not active or wont listen there is no hope of learning the game. You can try by yourself but imo its frustrating and generaly leeds to suicide attacks and eventually either deleting or never returning.

retals like that won't happen if you

a. join a large alliance who can back you up
b. stick to grabbing smaller less corrdianted allis
c. corradinate attacks of your own (this may get you killed but its fun )

nimrodel -

Watt it's again rule o post info like you do on world forum !

Darkwing -

I copied it and am studying it right now [;)]

Joe -

@ Watts: I took a quick look over your tribe news, but to be honest I don't see too much happening. They killed a batch of your troops and your citz went down somewhat. Citz are growing back for free so that's just a matter of waiting for them to grow back. The troops losses are hurting you somewhat but nothing crazy: at your size troops are very cheap anyway if you run FoR so I think they are replaced within 24 hours.
You're seem to be looking too much at the amount of lines instead of the actual damage. The nastiest thing I saw was 1k leets getting killed. But all those raids are just crappy useless attacks to have fun a bit when someone suicides, amybe meant to impress you. Don't get impressed by useless raids, just prepare better for your next attack (and keep more def home then :P)

Fakesmile -

You got that right Joe [:D]

i was informed by one of my teammates he suicided, well i just took the advantage.

then he started sending me msges which were not so polite so i did a couple of EQ(no much dmg due growth mode)

the others raided a bit just to send the msg [;)]

further all ok.

tip for next time:

good diplomacy and communication is your first defence, be kind we are only a small community [;)]

Pollito -

Remember Watt... WU TANG CLAN aint nothing to F*ck with!

k-man -

hahaha Pollito is GOD [:D]

saltygrapes -

#41 killed someone from my (small) Ally because he did one Hit&Run retaliation against a guy from their alliance who randomly started pillaging him every 3 updates for no reason whatsoever

Sometimes, things are just not communicated well. Big alliances don't need to kill anyone to prove a point, they just need to force their hand enough to send a message. Straight up killing someone for no reason is retarded though. sounds like in this case they did exactly the right thing, showed their hand enough to send a message.

communication is the best tool in this game... PM's are free. try using them and be nice. as a collective whole I think everyone who's playing wants the game to be as big as classic was at times years ago.

edit: suggestion for OP: Picking Uruk as heritage race then proceeding to immediately use it by suiciding with 425 OPA with just 260 DPA on someone in a big alliance is just stupid. the fact that you got yourself grabbed by a Brit (which is hilarious) and decided to whine in the forum is odd

don't know why you needed a forum thread to whine about your own retarded decision, but whatever

Watts -

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