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I disagree. lines 3 and 4 say that something that is immortal can't die or is ever lasting. It doesn't say that the immortality trait itself is everlasting or unsuspendable.

Please read the 3rd definition again but pay close attention to very last word (everlasting).

Sonix -

Lol i got it. Now you pay attention to this.

It means a PERSON with immortality is everlasting.

It does not mean that IMMORTALITY itself is everlasting.

Immortality is a trait or a characteristic. the third definition says that some one with that characteristic is everlasting. It isn't talking about the characteristic itself being everlasting.

This might not be the best example but:

definition of Long:
- Concerned with distant issues; far-reaching

that doesn't mean long is far-reaching. It means that the object that is described as long is far-reaching. And something that is long can be cut down (negating the fact that it was long), that doesn't mean it wasn't long before it was cut.

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wow... you guys have too much time on your hands lol

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this is Orkfia [:p]

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not liable to perish or decay; imperishable; everlasting.

Sonic (ths is only in fun) but please read the third definition and tell me how it relates to a person? The second definition is related to a person.

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Ok according to the 3rd defintion (don't wry lol I know its all fun):

Example sentence:

“The thing that lives in the graveyard is immortal.”

The definition says that immortal means everlasting. It doesn't say that immortality IS everlasting. So what the sentence says is that “the thing” is immortal, by definition 3, “the thing” is everlasting, or “the thing” can never die while it's immortal. But it doesn't say “the thing” is immortal forever. if you replace “immortal” with definition 3 it becomes:

“the thing that lives in the graveyard is everlasting”

This doesn't mean that immortality is everylasting, it means that as long as the thing is immortal, the thing is everlasting.

I'm a grammar nut lol. I write stories and stuff.

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@ pollito
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so we all are immortal until we die, because our immortality ended then?

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Seems like an accurate way to describe our lifes ;)

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no we can't die until something temporarily negates our immortality, then we are suspectible to dying for that short period of time.

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Immortal != Invincible

Immortal tends to mean you would live forever, but you could still be killed.

Invincible means you could not be harmed or killed, but you could still die of natural causes.

In the case of HE's they are more invincible than immortal, though some things get around that. Like Superman and kryptonite.

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ty xiannic thats a fair description

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so what do you call someone who is immortal and invincible at the same time.

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or Chuck Norris.

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chuck norris sounds good. too bad he plays a good guy in the expendables. i want to see him as a villain and see the demise of sylvester stallone and others.

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Lol i haven't seen that movie yet. Was it good?

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still upcoming movie, the expendables 2. i think it will be shown this july.

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since when did Chuck Norris become invincible & immortal? He's in my alliance... Must tell him. lol

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oh. I meant the first one :P haven't seen that either.. if there is a first one =o. Maybe people are tryin this crazy new thing of starting with the second movie first.

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the real orkfia chuck norris is kelvin, another name that 17 has stolen

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oh Cecil... get some therapy already.

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we play fia, we all need therapy[;)]
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