Age 50 changes;rants part deux

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Taub -

“Dear players,

Today is a memorable day as we are moving into the 50th age of Alliances At War. Staff wanted to thoroughly celebrate this by presenting you all with a new and improved war system. Unfortunately, the coding is not yet finished. Still, you can look forward to an implementation, hopefully during age 50!

Race changes

Dark Elf:

Remove trait: each guild produces 1/3 rp


Poltergeist 2/7 750 cr -> 2/7 775 cr


Remove trait: 25% damage reduction on all building-damaging forces

Black Dragon 10/40 950 cr -> 10/35 800 cr

Dragon will receive monetary compensation: no_of_defspecs*118.75 crowns. This money will be stashed in their market and the credits for this money added to their account.

Uruk Hai:

Change trait: Loses 25% more military in combat --> Loses 25% more military in combat, but kills x2 military.
Add trait: 3 hour attack time.

Rept Hai:

Basilisk 0/7 750 cr -> 0/7 700 cr

Venom Attack cannot be healed anymore. Venom Attack lasts 2-4 ticks rather than 1-4 ticks.

Oleg Hai:

Gnome 40 cr --> 50 cr
Wolfrider 7/0 650 cr --> 8/0 750 cr

Starting military has been updated for Rept Hai, Dragon and Owl.

T/M changes

Removed: a tenth of the normal damage based on building type is used as minimum damage based on the absolute total land of the defender. Instead, minimum damage is 1.

Poison Water had a very curious minimum damage arrangement. You will notice that with the changes in minimum damage dealt, Poison Water will deal considerably less damage on targets that are already very low on farms. Especially if you did not send enough thieves.

Removed: set mana cost for some spells up to 3500 acres. Example: Dragon Mage used to cost over 40 mana. Race spells were also expensive.

All spells now require mp = size/1000*cost. Cost is a set number: for Dragon Mage, it's 8. Overall, this change is merely a simplification of the spells system, without much impact. Apart from early access to late-game spells of course.

Sneak Peek

Dev has been working hard on a redesign of the war system. We are happy to announce that this project was quite succesful. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to code and test the new system in time for the age 50 changes. Here's some features of the new system:

Global features

– A new ranking based on the performance of your alliance in war.
– Removal of many artificial barriers like size penalties.
– The implementation of a global damage modifier effectively halving damage outside wars.
– The possibility of being at war with multiple alliances at the same time.


– The game will keep track of offensive activities directed against other alliances. Eventually, this will lead to an automatically declared war.
– Generally, war will occur quite often; if this is not the case, we will tweak the new system so that it will be the case.
– Alliances cannot truce anymore. Either you win or you lose. Although there is still a maximum war duration, the alliance that has come closest to winning the war is declared victorious.
– No option to surrender until the war has gone on for 24 hours.

Staff wishes you a great age!”

Bolle -

Let's leave this open. You may want to work out whether you're going to discuss the changes or the sneak peek though... it helps for clarity. You can also start a new thread specifically aimed at working out which t/m ops are useless, I'm certainly going to use that data [;)]

gonzo -

maybe I missed it but can someone answer the question:

Why was PW so bad that it had to be changed when no one was even starving to death?
It was still close to impossible to kill someone even though it was “overpowered”. Also it was stated by staff that it was not bugged

Sanzo -

1) it destroyed same number of farms per operation, regardless of how many thieves you sent (as long as over 500)
2) damage was 2% farms when the target had more than 10% farms, but was land*0.002 farms when the target had less than 10% farms
3) it was changed in age 28 with a 'typo' that was just discovered this age

Bolle -

Nope it wasn't bugged as they were all announced and implemented changes. But PW didn't work properly, because you always dealt the same amount of damage; the minimum damage dealt was triggered if you ran 10% farms.

That's the reason we did something about it.

You can argue that PW is now useless. That's not true, it now works exactly as it is described in the guide (in age 49 it did not work as described in the guide!).

Now, discussing current (age 50) PW is a different argument. You may be right that it's now bad. I've planned in Dev to review the damage dealt by all spells/ops for age 51.

gonzo -

but wasnt it better when it was somewhat useful? Why have it if it wont do very much damage. The worst it did before was it made sure people had extra food on account and it cost some logs to rebuild. It was not killing anyone

Now why would someone use PW when they can just arson.
land/3 thieves is a lot if you are targeting a large tribe especially for the amount of damage you will do.
A lot of times thieves are military fat so having an op that requires less thieves to do some damage is nice.
I am not saying kill, just do some damage

gonzo -

ok sorry posted before reading bolles post, at least you are looking into it.

Thanks [up]

Cecil -

as a fan of pw kills and someone who didnt know it was not working properly and kept sending the advised amounts[8)]

i have and had no issues with the change, its working as intended now and not how it was not intended

now as a proponent of tms i have no issue adding suggestions to improve the statistics of said ops or the races that use them

Sangez -

The war system can suck. Lets say Cd is the biggest allience then kp Is the second biggest and I dunno some other alliance.. Wount it be like Kp declairs war against cd and the third alli sees that and declairs againt em as well :s Also alot of co-op wars :o

Should just make 2 teams, half is good and half is bad and those 2 is fighting and waring

mazja -

Thats not how the new war system will work, it will auto-declare[:D]

Cecil -

its gonna be more evony like imo, theres likely to eventually be 2-4 big alliance camps with a few alliances shifting allegiance each age

Pollito -

So like are we going to have graphics, ans quest? Are we going to be able to level up our buildings? [:o]

Cecil -

quests would be fun, graphics are a bit of a pipe dream tho

Joe -

I haven't played Evony ever but I think it won't be like Evony. It sounds as if alliances are a 'stable' thing there whereas the new war system will only be able to produce coincidental alliances for the time being. No inter-alliance alliance can be institutionalized in any way and thus every such alliance will result in a backstab at some point :p

Cecil -

wrong joe, the war system is based on hostility, so if one alliance is being picked on it is likely to concentrate on its foes rather on other alliances

meanwhile since it is being picked on the alliance(s) with more people have the ability and tendency to go after additional targets thereby expanding those they are at war with

which could theoretically lead to carrying out of the old say “the enemy of my enemy is a friend” allowing for those alliances being targetted to act if not in coordination or at least with a cf in place

im not saying it will happen but it could given the fact that players now have to contend with being at war with multiple alliances

Bolle -

You should keep in mind that the winner is based on war rankings, not land. More wars for #1 = More chance for #1 to earn points to stay #1.

Plato -

What happen if lets say top 3 alliance gets targetted by number 1 and 2, can that lead to war between 1&2 against 3?

Cecil -

yes, at least as far as my understanding of the system atm

Sanzo -

But to my understanding, it will take a while before war is declared. It isn't as quick and simple as push a button like it is now.

Quote: FuhrerCecil
quests would be fun

Self ops are quests [up]

Cecil -

u know what i meant[:p]
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