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Cecil -

dont blame 24, I requested the thread be edited

xiannic -

Edited is one thing, deleting the entire thread was un-necessary. Now we don't know what the damn problem is and how the hell are staff supposed to fix a game if we don't know what the problems are?


Sangez -

I blame kalten for the entire thing! [:D]

Cecil -

well from what I read of the flame thread, and that's exactly what it was, the only solution would of been to remove all of 24 from the game

btw it was deleted by a staffer not from 24, although I wont name them for fear of putting them in rl ( sweets, sanz, and bolle) danger[:p]

k-man -

Unless staff wishes to add 'no lying via PM's' the thread was nothing more than a rant.

xiannic -

After having a rather sensible conversation via PM with one of #24 i'd say quite a lot was learned. Of course if we prefer we can just brush it all under the carpet, forget it all and then the game can continue to nose-dive into extinction.

mazja -

Um, are you complaining that the flame 24 thread is gone (obviously there hadnt been a post in there in a while anyway) or are you complaining in this thread legitimately?

Start a new flame 24 thread, please do so in world forum and not here;)[up]

xiannic -

My complaint is with power-hungry “admins” deleting relevant posts (clean up the language by all means) and I'm yet to understand the reasoning behind it.

Mazzy -

Ah, I see now I have missed quite a bit. Well that is a complaint, however even I was unclear initially.

I have not seen the thread since it was recently posted in and deleted so I would not be able to give an opinion on content justifying deletion....
However I see no problem with starting a new one if its kept “clean”, and if there are issues that you feel as staff should be addressed instead of maybe attacking personally in game forum follow protocol and take it up with a “lord”.

We all can get emotionally charged, right or wrong.

Sanzo -

Look in archive it should be there. We NEVER delete threads, (except in the rare case it is a non-game related personal attack).
All threads inactive for over a few months are archived.

*Edit* Sorry, didn't realize you were talking about a new thread.

Jamzi -

You know, less than 1% of players are new I reckon.. why don't we all just grow a pair and stop all the censoring/deleting that seems to go on whenever someone gets a bit too power-happy because they have access to a new button. Just coz you can doesn't mean you should and really, we're all adults (and if we're not then please keep it exciting for the kids else what reason have they got to stick around!). This is pretty much a private community of mainly like-minded, foul-mouthed people so I agree with xiannic, less moderating please..

As for the game itself, i'm loving it still and it isn't almost dead, it's just summer...every year July/August are the quietest months so don't worry the killing can resume after we have all had a nice break (I estimate in a few weeks).

Sir Mecklin -

Game complaint there's even less players

Dark Cloud -

As you mentioned, you started out with a 27 TPA, but after you sent that out, the next operation was 26TPA vs 31TPA, and the one after that was 25TPA vs 31TPA... essentially getting harder and harder as your TPA decreased.

Are you serious sanzo? If you send out 27 operations at one time it is 27 tpa on all ops not 26, 25, 24...

If so in what age did that change?

Sanzo -

I can only guess Age 1 [8)]

Cecil -

every time u send tpa out it reduces ur net tpa, just like ur opa/dpa

Dark Cloud -

If I have 30 tpa and I send out 15 tpa on operations they are supposed to be 30 tpa on all of the 15 ops not 30, 29, 28...

However if I send out the other 15 tpa even in the same tick it is only 15 tpa on those ops not 15, 14, 13...

Your success is the tpa you have at home when you op. I am not sending an arson at a time.

And if you tell me that it has always been this way then the elders when I first joined this game gave me wrong information. Even my own brother Voodoo Cowboy.

Sanzo -

The game counts it as one at a time, it just displays the information as a group of operations.

On a side note, you're right thievery success should be looked into. This is just how it works at the moment.

d0nc35 -

Global News
Time News Item
34 minutes ago A has won the war against team B!
18 hours ago team B has declared war on Team A

i not know if wars only 18h, i used to war more than 2d before died [8)]

my team B war stat at 09:xx:xx, 1h ago.
Alliance Damage Power Length Surrender
Team A 100% 89% - 82% 18 months We can surrender!

after that :
2013-10-28 10:20:23 »« We have been defeated in the war against Team A
2013-10-28 10:19:25 «» B1 has marched into the lands of A1 and conquered 373 acres
2013-10-28 10:03:59 »« A1 has marched into the lands of B1 and conquered 409 acres

by what team A wins agains team B ? how many % the final war stat result ?

Cecil -

u also don't see what kind of tm ops they did at the same time

Bolle -

And size difference, that matters a lot.

Power required is 25% of the other alliance's size. If the other alli is much bigger, grabbing the same acres won't help you as much.

Chris Gan -

Seriously if dragon has 20% of normal population, the raid should deal lesser damage on citizen relatively. What the hell if it isn't? Here's what happen when my dragon die in one tick by few spell and two raids.
Seriously dude??? [:|][:|]

Edited by Sanzo for posting intel. Edited post copied to staff forum.

Chris Gan -

So that 2336+3174, which is 5500 citizen is my 25% of population, easily killed with two raids.

Sanzo -

Yes that is Dragon's weakness. They should be changed to be made more playable.

Hodor -

They don't realy. They can grow insanely fast with raids/pillages. So your job as dragon is grow big fast enough so they cant raid you anymore ;)

Chris Gan -

That weakness is kind of lame.
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