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xiannic -

Well, with the changes next age, growing won't be the primary concern so yes, I expect people to be running more T/M def - though one thing i've learned is that players always tend to do something unpredictable so we'll see.

Blind -

Bootcamp tribes below 2500 acres cannot be raided or pillaged

Sanzo -

That's to protect new players from getting raid killed for being inactive

Blind -

sure but there's nothing else effective against such a small tribe when they are launching DragonMages and such from a very high mage level

Sanzo -


Blind -

it does no damage

Taub -

dragonmage back?

Blind -

At how many acres does 1 Guild provides 1 mana?

Bolle -


Joe -

I think about 2k.

Sanzo -

i think 2k, not sure

marco -

game sucks lot more now

AgmAr -

That's very.... 'constructive' ...

gonzo -

hey it is a complaint isnt it?

AgmAr -

It's not, more like a random statement.
Like “I hate cars”..

What, why, how, since when?

Blind -

well it is a complaint, just too general to actually respond with a reason as to why it's so, or explaining what point(s) he missed

Sloop -

I strongly agree with the response marco has made. I'm not super active in aatw and personal this is my least favorite game to play and with the new Waring system activity needs to be high and this is not something that all players in aatw are able to do.

Bolle -

@Sloop, the idea is that activity has to be high if you want to win the age. It is not intended that you have to be highly active to play the game.

Currently, the poll results suggest that many people agree with you that some more peace is required.

Player 2 -

I think there should be a thing where when alliances engage in war they should have their global hostility lowered by a modifier.

xiannic -

do you mean hostility with all other alliances, because the hostility between the two alliances already drops to 0.

The problem with lowering it across the board could be that people could abuse it with warblocking.

AgmAr -

He means that the gained Hostility is less when doing ops against an alliance already in war, reducing the amount of wars that are started on alliances that are already in war ;)

mazja -

Thats not the way i understood what he said

Blind -

random rant? :o
Why is fame awarded only in war for blasphemy crusade while all the “war-y” spells and operations still award fame oow?

especially since with the new war system the war is sometimes started before it is declared
2nd reason is smaller tribes being more successful at targeting bigger tribes now
Aaaand blasphemy crusade destroys based on land anyway

Afaik the small tribes are able to fight back now anyway

Oxide -

I feel the new age changes just took a dump on dark elf.
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