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Bolle -

Not true, the change to the MP formula makes Dark Elf much stronger at low sizes so we were kinda forced to nerf them.

This link shows you the amount of Arsons/DMs thieves/mages can deal when running 30% guilds or 30% hideouts.

The blue line is the old situation for mages. The green line is the new situation for mages. The red line is the new situation for thieves, whereas the black line is the old situation for thieves.

The difference in damage is explained by the fact that it's the damage you can deal with full mp/tp. Mages regenerate in 8 hours, thieves in 8. We chose to give mages 7/5=1.4 times as much power (approximately works in the graph overall).

So here's the trick. If you have a 50% regen bonus, you regen in 5.33 ticks. That's as fast as a thief. That means you can dish out 40% more damage than a normal thief (one without bonuses) can do in the same time. The only difference is that thieves theoretically have an easier time running a higher % of hideouts than mages do of running a higher % of guilds. But thieves have to take a much larger risk for this damage citz-wise.

I hope this super lengthy explanation answers your concern [;)]

Oxide -

It still does not help ever fact that DM pretty much fails all of the time. I'm over 2800 acres and fail what seems like more than 60% of the time.

Bolle -

That's a different issue altogether (though you may not think so). Both DM and Arson destroy 1% homes. I can't help it that people run more mage def than thief def, though this may very well change in age 52.

robokop -

tonight I experienced the other end of the beating stick of the RNG, I came back to my tribe (which had SOD) and found that from the 30 DMs only 2 failed (7.5 fails expected from SOD alone)

so yes sometimes RNG sucks for the caster and sometimes it sucks for the target

Oxide -

I have yet to be on the giving end of that.

Bolle -

We're looking into the high ML vs high ML issue (50 vs 30) for age 53.

Sanzo -

its stupid that tribes 10x your size should be able to fame rape you. not very good for business IMO

Actually i think i know how this happened:

Dev'er1: hey i have a great idea! lets let big tribes be constant bullies to small tribes!
Dev'er2: well how do we do that?
Dev'er1: give normal fame gains to big guys
Dev'er2: yeah! that makes total sense!

xiannic -

The idea was to have no hindrances, so that everyone can partake in wars regardless of size. That the fame system is horribly broken is a different matter and should be addressed IMO.

As a staffer I would have hoped you would have more of an idea how this stuff works rather than coming up with totally unhelpful comments like this.

Sanzo -

xiannic plz dont give me that bs

i understand the war system. this however, is about the FAME system

this is complaint thread, therefore i am complaining.

and if you haven't noticed by now i only act like a staffer when im on my staff account

Bolle -

I don't see the problem, small guys can also fame rape big guys [;)]

Gits -

big guys can't do the same amount of fame rape on smaller guys or am I wrong? lol yeah didn't think so

Bolle -

for thievery you're right, for magic you're not; it counts spells succeess rather than damage done.

Big guys can do more fame rape cuz their ho's/guilds hold more tp/mp. So yeah you're wrong.

Halc -

so when are we going to get a fix on thievery fame and 500 acre owls?

Bolle -

fix on thievery fame

never, instead we'll just fix fame.

500 acre owls

age 53 changes.

Halc -

yay, something to look forward to [up]

Pollito -

Quiet you

H3 -

So if your making changes to owls, will the dwarf race also be amended? Seeing as they have similar traits with owls @ 500 acres

Cecil -

dwarfs arent similar to any race so i dont know what ur goin at

Pollito -

Wow [:|]

Sanzo -

If the owl has 85% HOs that means he has no Mage.
So just use poison to get your fame back. Simple!

Pollito -

Sanzo, that makes no sense

k-man -

all races can be quite destructive at 500 acres. It just so happens that certain race traits make some better.

Halc -

all races can be quite destructive at 500 acres. It just so happens that certain race traits make some better.


i don't have a problem with 10k owls doing 60 arsons every cycle, but i have a problem with 500 acre owls doing 40 arsons every few ticks.

as for fame, if a thief vs 25%GH still gets 600 fame every 3-4 ticks while i get 500 every 8 ticks vs ML1 that sounds imbalanced right?

Gits -

All I know is that attackers aren't good atm due to the constant wars, they are getting hindered in growth. Thieves can go around it and mages as well. Not attackers though. That has to be fixed and it's showed.

Cecil -

DaemonLordCecil, last month, edited . Edit - Quick Edit


had an idea that most of u may disagree with me...

had a thought to change how attackers work to bring them more in line with mag/thiefs and make them more usefull with current warring system

step one; remove total offense and defense

step two; change successful ops to be based entirely off of opa and dpa (modifiers notwithstanding)

step three; change damage to be based on ones current land size

step four; change receivable damage to targets current land size
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