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Anon -

Not sure what I'm doing wrong so I'm not posting it as a bug but when I log in I get a flash of the motd home page but then the browser takes me straight back to to log in page again. This is happening on chrome, firefox web browsers and my android browser and chrome browser on the phone as well. i log in and the page loads again as the log-in page. Cleared cache and cookies and still the same. help please :((

Mazzy -

Hmm, i haven't experienced any problems , anyone else?

Cecil -

Last time I had that happen I had a computer virus

zetta -

update browsers?..I had a problem logging in, wouldn't let me. I had to go to search alliancesatwar and login from there very weird, but right after that I did find an update for firefox.? That did fix it.

Anon -

thanks, iu'll try that. strange. sometimes it lets me in, othertimes not

mazja -

Maybe check for virus like cecil said

CBeast -

I don't have this issue- but I wish I didn't have to log in so often- I seem to get logged out if I dont check ork for more than about 1's on phone and computer

mazja -

Yeah, what happened to the stay logged for hours thing?

Cecil -

mobiles don't like it, my ff and ie hasn't had any issues staying logged in tho
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