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Jamzi, 18 hours ago

do we definitely still need the bootcamp? If each alliance just took in a learner than we'd win both ways by having fuller alliances and learning in the most fun/real way from real alliances. #33 could take one, looks like #27 could too, and #32.. and prob most allis.

Mazzy -

Halc, 12 hours ago

split 24 into two and give them 6 each would solve the world's problems.

oh wait 29 did that and look where they are now :(

Mazzy -

xiannic, 3 hours ago

Most of the bootcamp tribes never log in again after their first time, the time i've been there only 3 of them have ever replied to PMs or posted in the forum and they were all ex-players just there for re-learning the game and changes.

Mazzy -

sanzi, 3 hours ago

i like what Jamzi is saying [:D]

also would be nice if he had a tutorial or walkthrough instead of bootcamp

Mazzy -

hardar, 3 hours ago

A new player shouldn't be able to create an alliance unless he comes with say at least 2 other people.

Have a new alliance in a standby mode for 48H for the others to join. If there arnet' more than 2 people after 48 hrs the tribes already in get merged to an allince with free spots (not private one).

That could help filling alliance and get rid of 1-2 tribes alliances or alliances full of inactives.

Mazzy -

mazja, 30 minutes ago

These ideas are good and have been suggested before. Guess it needs to be brought to the “gods” again for thought?

Mazzy -

Twinnie, 14 minutes ago

learning with the best players will definitively encourage a new guy to keep playing

but then not all alliances play the same way, u also dont want to be the new guy always getting killed..

xiannic -

Getting killed, or rather avoiding getting killed is part of the game. Wrapping new players in cotton wool isn't teaching them anything.

You still have the problem that most of the tribes never log in again after their first time, so it doesn't matter where you put them.

CBeast -

So we need to come up with a solution that encourages players to log in more after their initial sign up. So, why don't people come back? Too complicated? Lack of visual appeal? No help?

Elvis -

He's a good point, there's only so much a Coach can do, If the Coach is teaching, responding and guiding he's doing his part but, It's ultimately up to the player to stay playing and avoid getting killed. You can only tell them to stay off the resource farms list, you can't keep him/her from staying off there [;)]

On the 2nd part, I also agree with that, some people think just because a player is joining your alliance you expect their activity to rise but, honestly It doesn't work like that, yeah you add a new person, a new person at the table with new ideas and strats but, that's just about it.

What I am trying to say: let's just get rid of the Bootcamp, let everyone play they want to play. Besides if someone is willing to stay they usually end up asking questions here, and what do we end up doing? “hey if you're active and willing to learn? join my alliance” or “hey welcome to orkfia, join our channel on IRC, if you have any questions feel free to ask”

Jamzi -

(edited to correct some of the typos I made typing with one hand whilst eating cheese onion crisps with the other :( )

Maybe instead of a bootcamp coach we need an orkfia host/hostess instead who just gently assists a new and willing tribe into a decent alli.

To explain a bit...

A newcomer has googled and come to AatW - they sign up/create a tribe and go to a random alliance that has alliance settings open. That's probably a crummy alliance of inactives as the decent alliances all have it set to “private”. The “Orkfia host/welcome person” gets notified of the new account and personally messages the new tribe (with a concise message - not overbearing) to try and establish contact and the personal touch that bootcamp usually offers.

From what Xiannic and others say that probably results in no response, which would only be the same result as BC anyway but for the ones that do respond the “orkfia host” can then try to get the person into a proper working alliance by liaising with the alliance elders to find a space for the newb and helping the newb through the merge process (maybe by messaging staff on their behalf) Once in an alliance those type of players will find it more fun than bootcamp I reckon (well they would in #33, cant speak for you others ..;) )

mazja -

Wow jamzi thats a new and different idea, i think that may work. For instance, when someone joins they can be invited to “Jamzi's Realm” [;)]

I do like this idea, as well as many others. Does anyone want to spend time on looking through the suggestions for bootcamps? There are a few, i cannot right now, but think if someone finds them post a link here to continue discussion, some of these may even work together

Elvis -


Great Idea! [:D]

Twinnie -

what about like daily/weekly goals like in most of today's smartphone games?

gives u a reason to come back later ^^

Sanzo -

Goals that you can share on your Facebook/twitter? :O

“Sanzo has earned the achievement 'Bob's Your Uncle', click here to join”

Cecil -

“Sanzo has earned the achievement: 'no, not there uncle', polly click here to join”

Jamzi -

just in an update to this. I am not sure what the general consensus is but speaking from #33, we were missing a 12th player for the last month or two and I had posted in the recruitment thread to no avail. I messaged one of the tribes in bootcamp to ask if he wanted to join an alliance and explain how our alliance worked, over the course of a few messages back and forth this resulted in us merging him in and he now looks like he is going to be a useful and active member of the team so I really recommend trying it if you're struggling to fill your alliance..

Sanzo -

Lets just remove the ability to make alliances private. And have a time limit on how soon you can defect someone [:p]
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