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Red Menace -

Is there still a way to get free acres each day? I have 'r played this in years and can't remember. If we still can how do I. Get them?

Deleerium -

Well, free acres happen on occasion due to random events like this:

2015-02-09 15:00:00 In local news: Some citizens, fed up with our cramp conditions, have set off to another land. When doing so they found a nearby area of barren land appropriate for living on, and decided to stay with the tribe. Our tribe has gained 79 new acres.

Other than that, the closest to 'free acres' is using self ops with thievery (Land Claim) and self-spells for races that get land each tick (Winged = Brood, Elf = Deep Forest, Human = Conjured Focus.

They aren't free though, since you spend cash on the military to run ops or run guilds and academies to cast the spells.

See self ops:
See race spells:

Red Menace -

OK. Thanx!!

Deleerium -

Welcome back [:D]

Joe -

Maybe what you're thinking of was the free money that was available for voting on some sites listing webgames.

Deleerium -

Forgot about that [:|] ow my head

Red Menace -

Well I used to play Utopia and Dominion like 15 years ago as we'll and we got free acres AND money every day. You just had to log in and claim it.

Cecil -

There's also free santa acres during christmas

Sanzo -

Do Land Claim

Tommies -

Utopia stiil gives you 5 free acres each 24 hrs. Suposed to get free money as well when you voted for swirve[up]

Bolle -

I claim credit for deleting Cecil's post.

Cecil -

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