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Jamzi -

I might go forum Nazi on this one and delete posts in the “To Do” thread that are not strictly related to help/reporting back on the actions.

Only because I do actually care about this topic and I also think it's now or never for us to take matter into our own hands or give up. We've been saying it for years, now we're at that breaking point with 62 tribes in the rankings right now. Something needs to change.

But I've been around you guys long enough to know we need somewhere to vent our spleen too ;) Also chat is how the good ideas/truths come out so this thread is for that, please keep the other one for the main tracking of the actions.

Jamzi -

by the way, I just went to do a bit of intel on Utopia (since that was the original game that annoyed our founders enough to create orkfia). I couldn't see how many players it had but by the look of it, still 1000s and they have a new thing where they seem to be charging money to people to choose which Kingdom/Alliance to play in (ie. to play with people of their choosing). That's definitely one string to our bow that people have choice here..

Deleerium -

Thankfully it's not hard to wrap a website or web app into an phone app. If AATW has any bit of an API it would help a ton with that kind of stuff. The only downside is the dev fee. Apples is yearly - idk what googles is though we should look into that.

Gits -

Attacking the same alliances is kinda stupid and truthfully it makes me think less and less of the game knowing that all I got to do is look at 3 allies to attack lol

Either, lower the allies to 6 tribes or make it solo ages for a few ages and see if it 1. brings back peeps, #2. if it retains new players. But of course, we still need a coder with the code, to which I might add Robo shouldn't be the only one. Martel should be able to help Max with it...

Jamzi -

Does anyone know if AatW has “any bit of an API”? (I've no idea what that is btw!! I guess it's clever codey stuff).

I will add finding out the cost of those apps yearly to the list Deleerium, thanks!

Totally agree with you Gits about the 6 people alli (or even the 1 person which I hadn't thought about before) from a player perspective I would think that would help us keep going in the short term until hopefully the competition hots up. There used to be a thread in “suggestions” about 6 person allis but I must admit I didn't check it lately as it looked like a no-go from those who can decide (whoever that is - but not me) for some reason I don't remember. If that is possible though it 100% gets my vote.

max -

Does anyone know if AatW has “any bit of an API”?

It does.

Lord Saggy -


I reached out to Robo asking permission to access the services, but I did not receive a response. For the sake of not being a dick and abusing the API - I have not played with it.
Looking at the serve list, it does look like it covers most aspects. Obviously, with full source on a Repo - it will be a lot easier/funner to tinker.

Jamzi -

OK on my lunch break i had a quick look into App development (issue 3 on our To Do List)...

Mobile phone operating systems:
The research I found (from Wikipedia so could have some flaws but it was the best I could do) goes up until Quarter 3 2014. According to this it seems Android (google) smart phones are by far the biggest share of the market (250 million), next is iOS (Apple) with 38 million and then Windows (9 million), with lots of smaller players in the market after that.

When an app would be coded I am guessing you have to do it separately for each platform – does anyone know if that’s true?

It looks like as long as we don’t charge end-users, then launching an app on Android is free, although we will need someone to assist the coders with all the admin around the app to save them using time on that if possible as there is a lot of info to read and forms to fill in etc. (I only had time to skim read this so if anyone has time to actually read it and make a list of things we need to do that would progress this).

It also looks like Windows app is free (at least I can find no mention of cost in the quick read I had), but it seems they might be quite strict about a lot of things and if we fail any of their tests then our app does not get certified:
(again I only skim read this so if anyone has time to properly research and summarise that would be excellent)

I-phone/Apple seem to charge us a $99 development fee, but we should be able to cobble this together if we decide to go down this route I didn’t find any proper info on this yet though.

My recommendation
It looks to me like it would really be worth someone spending time looking further into the Android app as a starting point. I suggest Android based on number of users and they also seem not as restricted as Apple/Microsoft. Once we have cracked that we can then potentially move onto the other platforms – what do you think?

Deleerium -

Jamzi - we don't HAVE to code much natively for each platform if we do some type of web embed. I would argue that a responsive or adaptive version of the game would be a good first step, before an app version. Something that just runs in the browser for now. You could even serve the same responsive site in an app as a starting point. Basically, you make an app, and tell it that it only has one 'view' and that view is an embedded website; in this case AATW. If all you really want from the app store is the exposure and being indexed in it as a game, this is probably the lowest hanging fruit.

IF that does help the game grow, we could then look into a more native approach, but now, I think it would be a waste of time and energy with so many other things needed attention.

Darkwing -

I created something, don't be blown away by the fancy graphics.... LOL

Try it and let me know if it works....should do as it uses the normal game.

Might upload it to playstore if ok.

Darkwing -

its just 3 buttons you can click [;)] and they launch the browser with AatW url

Darkwing -


did you change the setting in your phone settings to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources?

Darkwing -

this is just to get more exposure in the short run, a better and real app would take a bit more time... [:D]

max -

This is how it looks like for anyone interested:

Deleerium -

Ah see this shows how you could just launch a browser, but still be in the app store with a small easy to make interface. Just need AATW to be responsive [:|]

Thanks for posting screen caps Max

Darkwing -

oww.....that app icon looks weird...... better fix that [:$]

Mazzy -

I installed it. It opens in browser like max said. Not sure what info you need to determine if it works?

Jamzi -

Thanks Mazja, that's all you needed to do thanks a lot :) This is just a kind of “halfway app” so that AatW can be available in the Android and Windows app stores, but only the first few pages need some work (the bit DW is doing) as a kind of bridge to the existing code that Max,Harry etc. already optimised for mobile phones. So the thing we are checking is that people can get to the game through it as that's all that is needed.
Hopefully in the next few days AatW will have this app available to the public from the windows and android app stores due to this trick

Then later if someone has time/knowledge it can be improved on with a real app but at least until that day we will have this which might get us some extra players :)

Cecil -

And it always has that lil max touch at the end with everything spelled sdrawkcab

But yes that screen shot ratio was horrendous

Darkwing -

fixed icon and polished it a bit..... according to mythbusters you can polish a turd [:D]

Jamzi -

Hahaha - brilliant :D :D
I couldn't look at it (work) but sounds good. Is it released into the wild with the general public then now does that mean? :o

Lord Saggy -

The download link is not valid.
I have a demo one I did many moons ago. I'll try and revive it and post it sometime.

Once the download link is fixed - I'll be glad to have a look.
I wrote this reply before the new link was posted. Will dl and check it out.

As for developer fees - I have an MSDN subscription which I think allows five app submissions for free (the apps must be also free). I can also develop a Windows 10/Phone universal app if that helps.

Android - obviously the fee is free (and there are .apks for the app)

iPhone - I would be happy to cover the fee whatever it amounts to. Also, I have a virtual machine running Mac OS X (I'll try and get Yosemite installed) and get X Code running to do some iOS apps.

Darkwing -

I have the windows app ready and can upload it later today to the store.

Android was not free however..... [;)]

Reyes -

Chonka why so brilliant [cry][cry][heart][up]

Darkwing -

android app has been published [:p]

Deleerium -

I can help on the Xcode front too @Chonka, if needed. Primary machine is a Mac and set up for Dev [:D]
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