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Jamzi -

There are really good ideas coming from this discussion. I am taking note of them all. Yes I don't know why I didn't think of nazgul but it is way more fun than Viking so I think you're right, let's choose that one instead. Of course I have no idea if this stuff is possible coding-wise etc. yet but if we can come up with how we think it should be, then Dev/Coding should be able to help us make the best practical solution to what we're aiming for with this. I would really hope we could get something in place by December this year (or else give up on it as chances are if we cant do it by then, we cant do it). If we carry on with researching the other games and thinking about this aspect of joining a game.. in a month or two we will need to come back to that info when we work on the tutorial. Thanks!

Suggestions shortlist is here:

DaBoss -

I've been playing my lands some more. It is apparently a Russian game with a recent U.S. Server. There's thousands of players between all the servers. Activity is actually pretty good. There is plenty to do now. Lots of missions that basically have you do things that'll get you free troops and resources. There's limits on who you can attack. You can't attack people lower rates than you (star rating system). There's monsters to attack so you don't even have to attack other players to grow. It's actually pretty interesting. Continuing to play and I'll think of anything we might use.

Mazzy -

I like monsters......

Jamzi -

yeah monster idea would be cool for one upcoming age to just zhuzh us up a bit for now :D

On Saturday Morning i'll take a look through the feedback people had on the player suggestions so far so if any of you have preferences but haven't posted yet please do so before then :)

DB - that sounds interesting, I bet there are so many good ideas out there that can help us solve things we've got here. Thanks for doing this recon work for us as it will hopefully all add up to mean we have a lot more information and ideas between us all and it also shows us what is possible (number of players), thnx [:)]

DaBoss -

As a note. The monsters will also attack players if they aren't killed after so long. Basically their army builds at a given rate and there's rewards for killing them.

hardar -


hardar, 3 weeks ago . Edit - Quick Edit

I'm picking mobster 2030 and will make a report after a few days.

I created an account and didn't log again because of the awfull design of this one.

I started again and it has a lot of bad things that you don't want to repeat here :

- bad design
- horrible login method
- very few players interactions so far, you just click on guys you want to attack and get immediate results

It has a lot of things to do when you login so it looks more like a solo game you play ine a multiplayer universe at first sight, maybe it can elvove with mor einteractions later in the game.

But it really looks horrible, i cried tears of blood for 5 minutes after loading the page.

Bolle -

you should start a review site hardar, it's so poetic.

hardar -

This game was so inspiring.
I'll list good/bad aspects when i'll get further in the game, if i don't get blind by then.

Mazzy -

For the record, (because i don't recall if i mentioned already) i tried utopia a year or so ago when a few of us thought we would be progressive with game-saving, it sucked!

The layout was not user friendly, the mods were rude and obnoxious, AND there was tons of spam/links that directed to porn!

Although it “showed” approx 5k players, i was not able to determine if they were active etc.

There were a couple of players that were friendly however my tech issues and nasty responses became irritating and i just left. That was enough of a comparison for me to appreciate our community here albeit a small one. [;)]

Moderator Jamzi -

lol Hardar, you are taking one for the team there by the sounds of it [:D]

I thought the same as you Maz last time I had a brief look at Utopia, it was far inferior to our layout and there was a lot of eye-litter. Hopefully it wont be too hard to entice people away from some of these games we identify as worse than us :D We can be like religious zealot missionaries, leading their poor players to salvation in a couple of months [:D][up]
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