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DaBoss -

my lands

A) Do you have to download any software to play?
It has an app and. Browser version
B)If answer to A is no - do you have to pay anything for any perks in the game and is there any advertising? (if so explain)
You can pay for a currency to hurry things. Like building or training or researching. It says you can also earn it but I haven't been able to in over a week.
C) How many players are there roughly?
When I joined it said 1700 accounts with like 900 active. Now it shows 1150 accounts and 650 active.
D) What is better+worse than AatW about that game?
Everything is visual. What you build shows up. As you upgrade you can see your area get bigger. It seems to be less along the lines of killing each other and more along the lines of growing and doing “missions”. Everything takes real time. So you can only do so much at a time. I still can't attack yet and it's been over a week. Of course I don't know everything yet and log on a couple times a day. Doesnt seem as interactive between players.

Jamzi -

Thanks a lot DB, that is exactly the kind of info I was hoping for. Interesting that they have so many accounts when to me at least, it sounds not as appealing as Orkfia (except the visual thing possibly). Also interesting to hear they have an app. When we have this kind of information about a few games I think it will really help us when making future decisions and possibly also in the future if games are similar we could advertise to their players. Thanks again for getting the ball rolling with this :) :)

Jamzi -

List of games to research:

Medieval Europe
Rogue Vampires
Immortal Day
The Grail Lords
Reign of Blood
Kingdom Forge
Worlds at War (Hardar is doing this one) (DB has done this one)
SWcombine (Gits is doing this one)
The Grail Lords (CBeast is doing this one)

Other marketing tools people have started/are working on:
Facebook group - Mazja
Reddit - Sanzo (currently AFK so handed over to Pollito. Freddy Sorrico also volunteered to help as a Moderator on Reddit.
Imgur - Evil Bunnies has volunteered to put us on Imgur – I asked him to wait until later in July (since he has to leave in August) when hopefully we will have made a few more positive changes.
Wiki - Sanzo

Darkwing -

also the market needs a re-think. I grew large and had goods on the market when I I restart and of course all my goods disappear as it is all unaccounted for [8)]

So I can't put my gold in the market, or it disappears, and I can't hold it in my tribe or I'll be raided........ [cry]

BiltesKrieg -

“So I can't put my gold in the market, or it disappears, and I can't hold it in my tribe or I'll be raided........ ”

Hmmm... that is strange. Usually when money disappears from the market it means Team PT is around.

Broken image
Courtesy of Hardar

Del -

If you could hold on to it and not be raided, wouldn't it 'disappear' when your tribe died as well?

At least with unaccounted for, its not gone immediately [:p]

It would be gnarly if you could keep your credits from past life at restart [:|]. The gold only disappears when you die though, which it probably should, to avoid that stacking abuse, right?

Sanzo -

What abuse?

Also cool banner [:D] thx for sharing

Del -

If you kept your credits when you died: You could grow turtled a few times and just stack cash for a while until you can start a life with a massive pile and credits...[:p] would be hard to dethrone someone once they started the cycle

BiltesKrieg -


If we all got a chance to be safe forever with all the moneys and all the things to grow in prosperity we wouldn't playing Orkfia now would we? x)

Sanzo -

Anything the game lets you do is not abuse[:p]

BiltesKrieg -


CBeast -

I'll check out this one...

The Grail Lords

CBeast -

Ok. So a few quick thoughts on what we realllllly need to do well for this game to keep new players. I tried grail lords- it takes a minute to learn and the UI isn't super easy to learn at first. But you start of the game with an individual mail that tells you a couple of things you need to do to get started. It's only a couple paragraphs but it seems to have everything you need to begin. I haven't really gone beyond this, but I think we should make it so that every new tribe immediately gets a new piece of orkfian mail that gives some very brief basics and encourages them to contact their bootcamp we have anything like that in place already?

The second change I want to suggest is completely necessary. Get rid of the option to start your own alliance or join a random alliance. Put every new player into alli 11 unless they're joining with other friends- this is where they can get some training from Twinnie- and he's a hell of a player to teach them. I know that when I want to start a new game, I don't necessarily want to start under the wing of a new player. But orkfia is fucking complicated and has a steep learning curve and new players will need a helpful elder if they're ever going to get the hang of it and increase their activity to the threshhold of success for this game. If you don't give alternatives, new players won't feel restricted by joining a bootcamp and will definitely enjoy the tutelage of a well-established vet.

It needs to be really easy for new players to get help and do well (and currently neither are particularly easy...) If they have to read through long paragraphs and lengthy explanations of the races and different attacks and thieves ops, mage ops, how to do damage, how to turtle, managing the training of troops and construction of buildings ( I bet you stopped reading this long list of things new players HAVE TO LEARN EASILY BEFORE THEY GIVE UP AND MOVE TO A NEW GAME), they won't play. They'll find something easier and more entertaining. We have to find ways to make it easier to have fun with this game, it's too hard for noobs to find now.

That's all I got for now. Maybe I'll report more another day when I give this other game a real chance :-P

Sanzo -

The only problem with your second change is returning players dont want to join bootcamp. And we don't want bootcamp to get overflooded, as it also only allows 12 tribes.
Maybe have a checkbox on the start up page. Is this your first time playing? If they check it, put them in bootcamp, otherwise throw them into a random ally [:p]

Also I don't know if staff has finally fixed this bug but, it is currently impossible to get moved into an empty alliance. The only way to make a new alliance is by creating one on the startup page (or by merging 2 alliances, but this method removed 2 and creates 1)

I know... I'm such a hater for bashing everyone. Come at me Gits!

CBeast -

Don't care about bugs in this thread.

Look at 11- it's not flooded at all, and as players learn the game they will want to leave 11 to join bigger alliance or start their own. We can still allow the option to transfer allis in your first 5 days or so- that way returning players have 5 days to find a spot and join back in. New players probably wouldn't use this feature as they're still learning from their bootcamp coach (although staying in 1 training alliance for your whole first life might get boring).

Mazzy -

Yeah i think if old players return (and if they are not sitting in graveyard already and must create new account) they usually post in forum they are back, hop on irc to see who is around. So starting in bc doesn'tseem like an inconvenience to me as they can merge out when they find friends or hop on irc first (which seems they do first anyway) and get the alliance password to join their buddies.

I like the idea of not giving an option to join random [up]

Moderator Jamzi -

Thanks for volunteering CBeast and yes I also like your ideas. We certainly need to work on the welcome we give new players as that will make or break us.

I just created a new account (will keep my other one for now for msge history and then delete but I have no player account anyway since im not playing).

Registration was vastly improved from how I remember it years ago so they must have done a load of work on that as it only took a minute or two and was very straight-forward so that was good to see.

I got this message in-game upon starting. This could be changed if we initiate the bootcamp-start idea. Is there anything else that would improve this message (it's pretty good but there are always improvements I guess).

“Hello there Moderator Jamzi,
Welcome to the world of Orkfia!

Alliances At War is an exciting game where heroes are made and slain everyday. Go for personal glory by making the rankings with your tribe, or team up with allies to vanquish your foes. Can you compete? Only time will tell...

It is important that you review the Code of Conduct often. There are harsh penalties for those who cheat or misbehave, so read it and know what is and is not allowed here.

Alliances At War also has its own IRC channel, #orkfia, on the servers. Its sole intention is to be a friendly place where you can talk about the game or just hang out with the staff and players. It is usually pretty busy and is a great place to learn the game and joke around with your friends.

Once again, welcome to the world of Orkfia, we hope you will enjoy this game as much as we do!

~ The Staff Team

2015-07-03 18:37:52”

Del -

Good points cbeast - Another angle on that would be some UX work and making the interface and learning more intuitive (and helpful is some areas too, tooltips, links to guide, etc - yes I know some exist already)

Jamzi -

Then I got this email too I just noticed

“Welcome to Alliances At War!
Here is your verification code: xxxxx
Username: xxxx
Password: Starts with ”xxx“
It is recommended you tend to your tribe at least once per day.
If you require help or if this is your first time playing Alliances At War, you may find our in game forums and the player guide very useful.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us.
Kind regards,
Alliances At War”

Edit - Del, that would also be wonderful, maybe the next project for you after you complete phase 1 of the mobile interface?

DaBoss -

Maybe we could make a “virtual” orkfia that when they first join it could walk them through big parts of orkfia by starting them as a large tribe of whatever they picked to start with. And have them do all the different ops and explain in game how each works. Or, someone could commit to taking tons of screenshots of doing everything and explaining results. The results from attacks are useful but I don't think any examples are shown.

Jamzi -

yeah it would be ideal if we could have something more welcoming than currently. Although creating an account is already vastly improved from how it was (it was quite difficult to make a new account in the old days!), compared to other games it seems maybe we are not as welcoming as we could be.

I finally managed to find this thing I made around 2013 when I last had a blast of activity. I don't think anything more happened with it (though I might be wrong as I remember Bolle saying something about writing up some of it) as far as I remember and already to my eyes now we could improve further but what do you think of the ideas here as a discussion point:

The main and most important point I think would be to reduce the races available on start up so it is less bewildering.

CBeast -

This looks awesome- lots of good ideas in here. I wouldn't give new players the choice about a tutorial though- they should be forced into it.

DaBoss -

You have them pick thief, Mage, or attacker. And then basically a walk through that will get them to 1k land within 2-3 days logging in 2-3 times per day.

Reyes -

Most of that is really awesome except playing Viking can be a pain if you haven't played it a few times before... hmmm maybe for new starters when choosing a race have them under categories example being
Elves Cursed human
High elf nazgul
Dark elf
Light elf

And beside each race have a little bracket (Mage) (thief) (attacker) instead of just a list of races... Make it a little fancy [;)] and after the race selection process they could then be sent either ork mail or sent to a separate forum page explaining how to best utilize and use that races abilities and also to welcome them to the game [;)]

It would take a bit of work but I reckon it would help heaps

CBeast -

For the tutorial attacker race I would vote nazgul- they're pretty easy to play and the 2 hour return time would be a lot more fun for new players as it would give them more to do in the beginning (as long as there are targets for them)
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