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CaptainFalcon -

Hey guys!

Loving being back into the game! Went with Viking this time around and it's pretty fun but with my playstyle I would prefer doing straight Magic build

What race would be best for me if I wanted a pure magic build?


Mazzy -

Hi captainfalcon,

Look at eagle, dark elf or templar[up]

CaptainFalcon -

Ohhh Templar sounds epic!

Is there any guide I can have a read over for mage?

Del -

Not yet - well the text is there but its about to get coded into the game and usable soon. I think its for Dark Elf, Viking, and Spirit first. For now feel free to ask mage-related questions here. Maybe it will help refine the tutorial [:D]

edit: woah I read your post assuming as a vet you wanted tutorial specific for mage - but re-reading I think the guide could help at general mage level - I need sleep sorry about that. Mazzy is right, use this:

[:|] That's embarrassing.

Mazzy -

Yes if you click the guide tab above ypu can view the “basics” as well as actions, races etc.

Also, when you click on “the basics” there willalso be a link to the orkfia wiki[up]
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