War Report 24 vs 14

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Sanzo -

War was declared
Tribes were killed - on both sides
People were called names
We drank some ale
It was merry
Someone fell asleep
Someone woke up
We drank some more
Songs were sung
History was written
30 came along for the ride

Reyes -

24 waited until 14 were crippled before their strike attack I demand a refund! [:p]

Bulby -

well it is what it is... we had a good run...time to regroup..

Scumbag -

best ever war report.. LOL

Moderator_Jamzi -


k-man -

Ale is a common theme in my life.

[up] for this war report.

Skyz -

lol nice direct too the point report.[:)]

Sanzo -

gotta say... was not expecting the positive reception

Gits -

Min. of 4 kills or it's not a good war. fyi...

DaBoss -


hardar -

this report sucks

Bulby -

hell of course it was positive served ale !!!

Sanzo -

in other news i am publishing a poetry book with all of my other war reports

just $99.99 when you use the promo code KT@23:55

Termato -

Can I get a copy?

bloodball -

rumors have it the second part is written right now

Moderator_Jamzi -

Sanzo - LOL @ your latest post hehehe (I did actually lol weirdly on my own)

Bulby -

sanzo the royalty i must receive for every book sold is one chilled bucket of ale...

Sanzo -

You can talk to my lawyer about that, bulby

hardar -

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