Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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Smokey -

I'm looking for a new home, any takers? (I was the Eagle in 19 who made Guardhouses vanish [evilgrin])

PheNom -

19 taking a summer break ?

HaRRy -

Beggars can't be choosers, join us ;)

Smokey -

After our win, yes, we decided to take a break because some wanted to break/go solo, etc., so I figured I'd contribute to another active/full alliance.

HaRRy, where are you?

Odin -

Looking for a couple more people to join our alliance and summer slack with us
pm me,Elder in #25

ikawsi8ako7 -

Looking for a merger. #15

Altavair -

Hey, just looking to have some fun. I'm decent with the basics of the game. I'll log in at least 3 times a day so pretty active. Let me know if anyone would have me. Thanks!

Virchue -

Love posts like this. Held back by our research goals currently but hopefully someone can pick you guys up

Odin -

looking for 2 more alliance members, casual slacking and randomness is needed, please apply

Odin -

Still looking for 2
Pm elder #25

Noodle -

What's out there for open spots

Ander -

I need an alliance to join. Who is recruiting.
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