Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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HumbleOne -

looking for a home for a poor tribe.

Kingk88 -

40 looking for 1

Scumbag -

2 “Old Grumpies” wanted.

Send mail (request) to elder #17.

Tukk -

#31 is looking for 1 active tribe. Pm the elder.

Full -

Tukk h3 wanne join jay

rEdL|nE -

noooooo pick me pick me :P

Gits -

Just got back active. PM this sexy beast for a good time [heart] [evilgrin]

Tommies -

Nice to see you back buddy!

Smokey -

Welcome back gits! Orkfia just got a little less safe now. [evilgrin]

Lil Britty -


Tukk -

#31 is still looking for a plus one.

Monkey -

We are looking for people to teach us the game. ATM we only know how to be number 1 first week and then die we got 2-3 spots

Sanzo -

How many spots do you have Monkey?

Monkey -

3 spots sir.

Tukk -

@ Monkey are you guys willing to split up amd maybe fill up 2-3 alliances? Not sure how close you all are but us in 31 would love 2-3 active tribes [evilgrin]

Monkey -

Yo Tukk,

We are 5 people stuck like lego sadly ;).

But thanks for the invite :).

Monkey -

Now we have 2 spots

Sanzo -

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle if you'd like some company [:D]

HaRRy -

Maybe me too if there is still a spot after sanzo.

Monkey -

Two spots open come uncles and aunts

Pollito -

Looking for a home... [;)]

Full -

Urg no place for u ask cost

Pollito -

Can I haz a cheezeburger tho?

Fullykins, y u no tell me where CosT is? [cry]

Noodle -

Graveyard with me[evilgrin]

Noodle -

Looking for 1 more peep to fill our ranks pm me plz[heart]
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