Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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Garmr -

Looking for a home! New here but very active and want to learn :)

ScorpiAS -

Awesome.. I would advise you to go to 33.. very friendly and nice bunch

Boats -

You need to entice your recruits pasta. What do you offer? #1 rule of recruitment is enticement. Example:

Join Ally 102. We got cookies and beer and most of all Rudy isn't here [;)]

Bongo -

lol rudy isnt here...

Kairon -

Enticement is a thing of the past haha but yes Garmr, 33# would be happy to take you on [:D]

Noodle -

Huh I thought I was alone where did all these people come from???

Boats -

If you dont want to go to a big ally and get killed join me and I'll teach you the basics and some tips man. Wish you luck and welcome to the game.[;)]

ScorpiAS -

mental note: kill everyone in small allies..
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