Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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Buffy -

I thought 34 was an illusion.

Tukk -

Tukk and his wife need a top alliance. If you want to kill msg me before I delete eoa [heart]

Bolle -

I'm looking for an alliance for next age as member (not elder). PM me if you're interested.

PeepingTom -

Will someone please recruit me to another game which is NOT dead. [evilgrin]

Bongo -

Open Dominion

PeepingTom -

Thank you, checking it out now.

Sanzo -

You are welcome to join competitive backgammon
Hope to see you at a tournament [up]

Boats -

#35 is recruiting 4 players. Slacking age [;)]

PM the sexy elder

Hoffie -


Smokey -

Do know you want to.

Smokey -

Mage/Thief looking for a new home. Let me know if anyone's looking to fill their alliance or interested in starting a new one.

Mriswith -

Looking for a home for rest of this round and next if things go well. Played before but rusty.

scarlo -

Looking for an active player to join us for next age. Must be comfortable with TM or attacker.

PM me

scarlo -

2 slots left.

Active players only.

Scarlet -

#21 looking for two more.

We're increasing our count, instead of doing a Countdown.

Scarlet -

Looking for one more; casual play with retals.

Scarlet -

Looking for two more. Preferably confused returning players, or new players :)
PM Elder, or Co-Elder of #21

gonzo -

#40 could use 1 more. Anyone interested?

Scarlet -

Looking for one more player!
Send a merge request to elder of #21 and we can get you in once we are done with the war.

WarCraft -

Alliance #19 is looking for active players who like to compete with the best!

Requirements: Must be willing to follow directions for Hostility gaining, Attacking, Warring, stunting grow, Payback, and yes ofc killing.

Perks for joining us: Strong leadership, deep understanding of the game, Instant messaging with group chat the minute your tribe is op by TM or attacked. Group chat for instant help.

Little about me: I have been playing AatW off and on for sometime. I enjoy calculating and doing all the little things that make an alliance strong and unified. I will also be reachable and will be the most active tribe always!

Note that when the alliance is full and able to compete with the best Orkfia has to offer, we will be setting 2-3 kt's potential a day so again high activity is a must when applying.

Currently 2-3 roster spots available atm, maybe more depending on if I can get some of my old vets to sign back up. Currently accepting all class (attackers, mages, thieves) .

Kairon -

Thats quite the resume there warcraft [:D] best of luck

WarCraft -

1-2 more spots to fill for next age. Same requirements as posted earlier. You must fit the whole mold before sending a merge.

Merry Christmas 🎄

Scumbag -

Scum is looking for a new alli


scum found new home.[:)]

Scumbag -

Scum needs to find a new alli again.

Scarlet -

#21 Looking for one more. Preferably an elf.
Must be ok with science and possibly a few KTs.
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