Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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Buffy -

I thought 34 was an illusion.

Tukk -

Tukk and his wife need a top alliance. If you want to kill msg me before I delete eoa [heart]

Bolle -

I'm looking for an alliance for next age as member (not elder). PM me if you're interested.

PeepingTom -

Will someone please recruit me to another game which is NOT dead. [evilgrin]

Bongo -

Open Dominion

PeepingTom -

Thank you, checking it out now.

Sanzo -

You are welcome to join competitive backgammon
Hope to see you at a tournament [up]

Boats -

#35 is recruiting 4 players. Slacking age [;)]

PM the sexy elder

Hoffie -


Smokey -

Do know you want to.
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