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Bolle -

Suggest changes for race balancing for age 75 here.

Mine: remove eagle 1/0 soldier as it makes raven obsolete. (eagles were used to launch mori hai into attacker position, bypassing ravens).

Acwder -

You didn't see that happening pre age? 1/0 basics for 10cr where most ppl came OOP with ~25k def.

Attackers that don't explore at the start will continue to be obsolete. The only way they could grow now was due to other ppl messing up with def, not training enough through out the day etc.

If no t/m messed up during OOP then the attackers would only feed on eachother resulting in a never ending loop for attackers.

Also forcing attackers to run weaps this early to make attacks really hurts them.

This will continue to happen as long as ppl are given a set amount of resources and 0 ticks in protection.

Acwder -

The top 30 players consists of just 3 attackers atm, not counting eagles as attackers.

Del -

Drop Raven Elite to 850cr, it's easier to run off/def specs right now as its much cheaper and efficiency doesn't matter in the big rush.

Vo -

+1, the eagle was a pretty severe oversight given the protection rules. I like to think if we were given more specific information about how protection worked, the player base would've been able to spot it.

I also think war rules should be reworked. This system encourages really cheesy strategies. Warring random small alliances for fame gains and to prevent unwanted declarations is obviously optimal strategy, and also not very fun. On the flip side, it would suck to be unable to kill people just because they play in small alliances. For example, it would be frustrating to have allow a tribe in a small alliance to keep hitting into your alliance without major repercussions.

On a related note, I think it's fairly impossible to police what constitutes “war blocking.” Like it or not, under these rules, whether another alliance can declare on you will always be an important factor in war decisions, and pretending it shouldn't be doesn't make it a non-issue.

I'm not really sure what the best solution is, but I think allowing declarations on alliances already in wars could be a start. Definitely an area for improvement though.

Vo -

On the positive side, I think most would call the reset age a success so far! Flyovers and intermittent glances at the statistics page shows a LOT more activity than infinity ages [up]

thedritpwnskkkk -

Allow declaring on alliances already at war can be a good idea, if you are declared on however you get a defensive bonus (less dmg done by damage ops and less land grabbed in attacks) based on the total amount of land of alliances that have declared war on you (example: double total land -50% damage and land grabbed on attacks). Alliances you have declared on does not count towards the total amount.

taNk -

I actually like the most recent double war system. Give a small damage bonus to an alliance in two wars.

Reducing damage on an alliance in two wars probably isn't a good option because people generally try to avoid targeting the same tribe over coop concerns.

Kelvin -

When you can freely declare on anyone, it's pretty easy to just get an extra war for more damage though, isn't it?

taNk -

Oh. Right. Duh.

TG -

Not a race change but I think there needs to be a size penalty for arson/dm on tribes that are a lot smaller than you. I think the penalty use to be 50 or 65% damage is you were 2x the size.

Bolle -

Any suggestions for the attacker/explorer balance? I have yet to really look into it, the most obvious solution would be an overall 25cr per point of offense decrease in unit costs. (Or smth like that - just cost decrease).


I'd like to keep it without OOP periods as that makes the game a lot more complex

thedritpwnskkkk -

How much does explore costs increase with size? They used to increase quite heavily above 3k acres at least, but if its too easy for them to explore we will find that out over the next days.

Bolle -

Iirc it was decreased like 10-15 ages ago. Not sure tho, would have to look through age changes

thedritpwnskkkk -

gg then, unstoppable eagles :D

taNk -

If you prick them, do they not bleed? If you tickle them, do they not laugh? If you poison water them, do they not die?

Sanzo -

no they don't

I really like the old war system where wars are built up and forced upon you
Also I think too many spells and ops are War Only. You could literally run around all age with no protection

Tyr -

1. well can say that ppl on their own are almost certainly easier targets these days then those in large allis and feel this might be driving away the newer players.

so maybe trying to condense alliances before new ages for better competition.

2.obviously nerfing eagles basics back to 0/0 same as all races

3.make all offense units significantly cheaper so attackers OOP are viable and can keep explorers in check without having to live off other ppls landfarms/pillage farms from start.

only attacker i'd leave untouched would be ravens due to start potential and balance seeing how they wouldn't need to worry about eagles attacking anymore but should either weaken their specs or increase their cost.

(ideally ravens should ultimately have to go mostly elites for pop efficiency and balance)

4.mentioned before but more black ops available OOW apart from just ambush and maybe making owl ambush baseline.

(5 tpa and thief pts for 10% of land back is pretty weak but might require it only being able to be done once to stop it being abusable)

All of this assuming you keep protection period as is.So ends my rant (for now)[:)].

Bolle -

That's not a rant. It lacks curse words.

Bruce1984 -

Just thinking out loud here, regarding playing by yourself or in alliances - maybe a passive defense boost relative to the size of an alliance? Or maybe lesser gains for members of a bigger alliance when attacking smaller alliances?

Tyr -

well for a game about team work i think encouraging ppl to form into alliances in first place is better for the game and might help to retain new players

temo -

some things im not to fond of with the owl taking the defense away from the swift feathers was a bad idea in my opinion(which doesn't mean any thing) plus it would be nice to do some black opps when not in war the mages can do dark spells and rob fame or just be a pain in the ass or just give a few black opps like tunneling so when a mages lets say poisons your food you can go blow up so academies

Del -

Hmmm anyone know why HnR is war only? [:|]

Sanzo -

cause no one thought this through?

Bolle -

Cuz a whole alliance HnRing another tribe at war with a third alliance really sucks for the suffering alliance. They can't even kill the HnR'ers.

So it's a case of HnR not being war only being even worse.

Sanzo -

Why not remove standard also? Grabbing into a war is lame lol
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