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Bolle -

Currently, they randomly do.

Bolle -

Uruk Hai HnRs currently take 6.5% of the enemy's military per attack. This seems a bit excessive. It's also very well possible the victim ran FoR on both occasions but I don't know about that.

ScorpiAS -

Mortality to the rescue..

Bolle -

Ah yeah that's what's causing it [;)]

chaoss -

Guys with the flawed age that it is, is it me or do i see more and more tribes deleting?

Eagles wrecked start of age with no way to come back for other alliances (well played 28 not blaming you)

Near impossible to kill them since 85 dpa at 8-10k acres gives you 1mil+ citz

Next age really needs to be thought over,

Ops should be able to be used out of war as well war only is kind of stupid

This age is done no way to come back with the flawed 3mil oop at 1466 acres i had!

EM -

Yea there have definitely been major issues, some I sort of expected, others was a little more surprising (like resources you get when you die).

[WOME] Istari -

I think some of the ops being war only is a decent idea in practice, sadly with the game balance issues we currently have the only means of unseating the champs is gone. Aside from 28, the age would have still been relatively competitive, now it is just a matter of who gets warred by them the least.

rEdL|nE -

it was fun to war them. they're an active alliance with a lot of firepower

Reyes -

i miss voids oow :/ and definitely the starting resources are a total bitch tbh i hope something is being done with that

Jamzi -

Chaoss is right several tribes have either deleted or stayed green, compared to the number that started the age.

I have been playing this age and watched my alli mates mostly die one by one, I played a thief tribe and found I couldn't retal any mage who fame rapes me. My alliance does not really have anyone who can be bothered being a proper elder and our tribes are not active enough to coordinate to be able to kill a rival tribe in war so we found it frustrating not being able to get power for those ops/attacks/spells we did retaliate with during war. All in all though this has got to be the most fun I had in Orkfia as a player for at least 3 years and I think we're heading in the right direction.

I am not sure yet what the changes will be but we're working on it and planning to make an announcement at the weekend with the changes for Age 75. As we're a team of people working for free there is a limited resource of time and whilst we're trying to make the perfect game the reality is there is only so much progress we can get each age so we have to prioritise some stuff and do some stuff later. Also sometimes a change might look obvious but then when you have the full picture (how the code works, the ways people cheat or differing opinions/complaints etc.) it sometimes becomes not as black and white.

However I take comfort in the fact that even big games companies with squillions of dollars and people at their disposal, also get a right good slating from their players who pay them 40 EUR a pop so yeah all in all I think we're doing OK.

Saying that, it's not too bad. Last year we averaged between 50 and 60 active players an age. This age started with 98 (so close to three digits but no cigar!) and as people got killed/enraged this has dropped to 93 active players. I do expect it to keep dropping until the end of the age though. We also conducted a check of the green tribes that are not inactive enough to be moved to Graveyard yet and there are around 30 -40 people who log in fairly regularly but haven't yet had the motivation to come out of the shadows and join the game.

As far as alliance 28 goes, it is really fun to have them around, even if they are kicking all our arses I think there is potential in some of the other alliances around right now to return the favour next age.

Huh -

So now a full alliance start a war with a 3 person alliance? really? I quit already forever. Stupid game

rEdL|nE -

Better join us and we'll help you have your vengeance on that full alliance :)

It's much more fun killing your enemies instead of rage quitting ;)

Huh -

I agree, will talk to teammates about joining a bigger alliance

fuzzy34 -

Or have alliance sizes more in line with the player base.

rEdL|nE -

you do that and join us :) we're happy to gather more ppl so that we can kill :)

[WOME] Istari -

I'd like to see more alliances merge or be consolidated. There are quite a few small alliances out there that if they were together would be quite effective. That name of the game is alliances at war, people should expect to work as a team and to fight other teams. Hopefully we can manage expectations or put rules back in place about not going to war with alliances x % smaller than your alliance size. That was an old rule that I always thought was pretty fair.

Bolle -

Unfortunately, it is impossible to force merges.

Imagine five alliances with 8 players. You'd end up with 3 alliances with 12 players and one with 4 players. Meanwhile, everyone would probably start defecting at random. Additionally, the two alliances that were broken up or simply lost half their members would be really pissed.

Being able to declare war on any alliance you want to war is important because it stimulates maximizing your alliance size to be competitive. Smaller alliances' disadvantage is the main motive for recruiting additional players.

Bolle -

Also, there is a list of proposed changes for age 75 in the Dev forum as of now. Once I have Max's coding approval, it'll be published in Announcements.

Bolle -

One thing that's a little scary is exploration cost.

Digging in the announcements turned up it used to be size*9 crowns (compared to 3000+(size*6) now). If anyone knows more about this from the pre-infinity age, I'd love to hear about it.

max -

it was something like: size*9 - markets*12

Acwder -

Well way back it used to be

$money_cost = max(floor(($iAcres * 9) * $iWeBonus - $iMarkets * 12), 800);

So indeed size*9 but markets lowered the cost (iWeBonus is the Wood Elf bonus from back then). This is from back in early 2008, and I belive it was like this for quite some time before that even.

Acwder -

(Might have to explain what that code means, basicly the cost was acres*9, being Wood Elf lowered this 10%, the cost also got lower by 12 cr per market. The lowest cost possible was 800 cr)

hardar -


Money: Cr = 9 L - 12 * Markets (minimum: 800)

*Edit* Acwder was faster [evilgrin]

Acwder -

We also have to remember that you didn't send out def back then, you sent basics which you had to train -> put in market -> regain max pop -> explore.

Bolle -

Thanks [:D]

I'll compare a bit.
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