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rEdL|nE -

yeah, but that encourages suicides and that should be avoided :)

thedritpwnskkkk -

if get attacked from outside in a war you should get alliance news to look something like this:

»« Poobag (#xx) has marched into the lands of Guy at war (#yy) and conquered 1222 acres
»« (#xx) interfered in our war! We can now do war ops and attacks against them for 24 hours!

or something to that effect.

Del -

[up] - Although I have a weird feeling that could be abused somehow to get war bonus on one tribe without risking death from war against your tribes. Hmmm

thedritpwnskkkk -

del yes with warblocking

QuazMasta -

At least War blocking is illegal. I'm sure it's done, but at least the gentlemen of the league don't do it. Grabbing into war is perfectly legal and yet nearly as devastating as co-oping, which is illegal.
Even war ops aren't much if only you can strike back and you're getting decimated by the actual war.
Honestly, if I was an attacker with a penchant for bullying tactics, I would only attack tribes in war. They're less likely to have the strength to fight back when they're locked in battle.

Del -

The other bad thing is if the alliance at war (heh) attacks you, you should have the right to retal grab back without being penalized. They brought you into their war at that point [:|]

fear -

I like Drits idea, with dels point added

[WOME] Istari -

What if there was a roll of the dice negative event for attacking into the war? Like, you can do it but maybe the orkfian gods respond in some way. Maybe a 10% chance for a hit to your production for a few hours, maybe a with all the troops in the field it means your troops might stay out longer. Some things along those lines would make attacking into a war have some opportunity cost for the attacker.

Reyes -

Eagles had one he'll of a start I was amazed and still am at how fast they grew... I landed a new job and was afk for a few days when I left the largest tribe was an eagle at 1.9k I come back and he's over 5k like Damn son way to take advantage [:D] so now I'm a few days behind schedule sadly haha I am actually really looking forward to the next age...

IMO the races seem to be evenly balanced as best they can be from what I've seen played... Playing temp for the first time is quite interesting they seem to be really strong defensive wise and they are really good mages...I would still choose DE but temp is definitely cool... Eagles seem to...complacent if that's the right term...they are pretty much the race to be if you want cheap troops and to grow really fast while keeping a strong off/def whichever you prefer... Ravens... Everyone says they are op. .. They're still good but they seem really weak and pointless starting out... We hunted multiple ravens out of the gate and only a few slipped through the comb as far as I can tell... These are just my observations I'm a rambling man haha

fuzzy34 -

Ravens... Everyone says they are op. .. They're still good but they seem really weak and pointless starting out... We hunted multiple ravens out of the gate and only a few slipped through the comb as far as I can tell..."

Woohoo, and it was a mean comb! Hopefully the third time isn't the charm [;)]

Bolle -

So ehh I suppose I can get rid of the notion that people are unkillable in this alliances of growth? [evilgrin]

QuazMasta -

People are killable this age if you have many large active tribes in your alliance rounding out the top 10 overall tribes. [;)]
Otherwise, it is unclear whether it's possible to land a kill. Basically no one else has done it.

Del -

There hasn't been a single kill outside that alliance lol

Kelvin -

Old ones
Power: 2 Land: 22 Strength: 17 Fame: 22 Kill: 2

Del -

There hasn't been a real war kill. Those are AFK kills...

QuazMasta -

Also that's their alliance rank, they don't have multiple kills. They have 1 kill this age, which puts them in 2nd place.

Jamzi -

wow that “them” is one person by the look of it. That is hardcore.

Bolle -

@QuazMasta, the thing is that people need to have a decent chance at surviving as well.

Not saying the current kill/survive balance is good, but we're definitely reaching the point where it's becoming a lot easier to find kills on all but the top #10 tribes.

QuazMasta -

Fair enough. We are definitely starting to be forced to run more military to avoid land grabs by those our size

Bulby -

how is war scored...its annoying to not know where you stand in war... if we wanted to be all about wars...lets have some type of scoring system...

Bolle -

it's only the killed target's size that matters.

Bolle -

The War Room also lists the current state of the war.

Vo -

Would be nice to show the required acres to win at any given point rather than having to keep track of alliance size at the start and back calculating

Bolle -

lol it used to be like that afaik and then it was changed when the measurement became more complex.

We could do that or maybe use a hover over the percentages to show the actual acres killed requirement.

michelob -

it's only the killed target's size that matters.
Ok if there are no kills how does one alliance defeat another?
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