Age 74 Graphs

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Vo -

Alliance Rankings (1-10)
Broken image

Alliance rankings (2-10)
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Alliance 28 Individual Growth
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Methodology: I took “snapshots” of the individual rankings around 0:00 ST each day and pasted them into google docs

Since I have the complete individual rankings for this time frame, I'd be happy to make graphs by request. However, paused tribes don't show up in rankings, so it will be missing the final day (I had to do the final rankings by hand)

Kovenant -

this is really cool actually!

Del -

Niceeeeee [up]

Huh -

really cool[:D]

Jamzi -

Love it, what a great idea, thanks very much for doing it [up][up]

I have rankings from tick before the last that i logged in and saved on word and possibly I have a way of getting the rankings from the last tick of the age. I will paste them here later. Sorry I've been a bit inactive this week as I've been ill and then had a lot of catching up at work but will catch up here this weekend. I'll also try and work out what's going on with the age start and post an update tonight too.

Scumbag -

awesome.. [up]

Acwder -

Here is the growth for #28 last age, action for action for the first 10 days. Random acres/Brood/Land Claim/Deep Forest is not included tho, but the gains from those at the start wasn't really that much. (use ctrl+ to zoom in on the graph. Hover over to see specific numbers).

rEdL|nE -

wow incredible you guys can plot and copy paste to spread sheets. fucking amazing!

Acwder -

There is some thread somewhere in the forum where Bolle asked for some data like this.

Figured you'd be impressed by the ctrl-c ctrl-v action.

rEdL|nE -

if it ain't automated it sucks :P

rEdL|nE -

you can code something to scrap all that data acwder and spare vortex from pasting shit :P

thedritpwnskkkk -

PKMN stocks just seem to go up up up.

Acwder -

I'm lazy


Why so hostile?
It's currently a quite small community, hostility in public forums is unattractive in my opinion.
(not only in this thread)

rEdL|nE -

it's not being hostile, just a bit of fun and flaming :)

Acwder -

Me and redline goes way back. This was always a fun part of the game, some trash talk between the alliances:)

Bolle -

Yess I definitely love seeing these graphs!

I wonder what it's going to look like this age.
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