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Jamzi -

Specific suggestions are best in the Suggestions Forum. You can also contact staff via Society Menu if there is something in particular on your mind.

Otherwise if you would prefer, post any complaint/feedback here - thanks!

bloodball -


Sanzo -

You're all awesome [heart][:D][up]
I wish you'd focus on trying to get more players (like making an app, making the site pretty -- but what do i know?) rather than on in-game changes

Jamzi -

Noted - and you're right those things are really important and never far from the overall plan. A bit of an update on those points just for info:

App - LunarDev volunteered for this (you may recall his post in sugg. forum around 2 months ago), he has been working on it since in his free time. He is a professional app developer and holds the relevant licenses from Apple etc. already through his work. I asked for an update around a month ago, he is still working on it and cannot give a finish date but I think we should accept that and not hassle him but be grateful he is helping as he is doing it for free and it sounds like if he finishes it, the end result will be professional, which would be really great to have in our arsenal of Orkfian tools :)However as with any app, I am not sure what happens if the maker disappears and there are changes in the game.. as far as my rudimentary knowledge of apps go, they have to be updated when there are changes to the game code so it might be an ambition out of our reach unless LunarDev stays with us until the end of time.

Secondary option - in the meantime Hardar continues updating the mobile version which can be used through the “shell app” Darkwing made last year. Whilst not our #1 ideal of “having an app”, it's pretty good and very usable from a smartphone so at least there was considerable and usable progress already and a also it's a very practical plan B solution. I think it is more likely if Hardar quit that someone could take this over (but Hardars are hard to find as he is very reliable and multi-useful in this community).

Making the site pretty - After sorting the latest updates to be made for the mobile version, Hardar plans to turn his attention to continuing with his new Orkfia theme. It has been designed but needs some further work to make it work with every page in the game. I don't think that will be ready for next age but I am hoping it may be ready by September. I mailed Hardar within the last week and he replied so he is still active on all these tasks.

In-game changes - I really feel the game was not ready to receive new people, we started some marketing activity earlier this year and lost pretty much all the players we recruited (many with quite negative feedback to us that things were way too confusing/complicated, a newb has no chance and that kind of thing).

Therefore personally before I invest anymore of my own or other people's time on getting new players, it seems prudent to do some work to enable us to feel more confident that a higher percentage (or any!) will stick around. I only feel there are 3 main changes needed for that which are 1) for each Race to have a clear Unique Selling Point (we got halfway there and hope to finish off this age - read ScorpiAS's trello board for more detail). 2) War to be possibly be made simpler somehow (war-only ops and all that, maybe there is a way to make it less complicated but still work) and 3) Get the ((new ad-free)Wiki up and running and a strict update process for age changes being updated in the wiki, we are working on this, hopefully for next age or the one after and in the meantime your wiki is absolutely brilliant as the planB and we would have been screwed without it so thank you for that [up]).

Also I am hoping that in September we can begin again with a marketing push* as it tends to be often that over summer the game gets quiet and then September people are back at work/school looking for escapism after holiday time :)

*The marketing is tricky when we get to that stage as we need to decide do we sell out and do the “bulk emailing loads of people who never gave us their email address from a mailing list, aiming for 1000+ players” or do we employ low-key more selective tactics like contacting old players (3000 on our mailing list but we can only expect 50 to come back from that imo) and posting in relevant like-minded forums to try and get people like we have now with a likely result of 500 people maximum... we have been logging all marketing ideas in threads in our marketing forum so there are a lot more ideas of course (Mazja and I went through loads of old threads from the archives and collated ideas into one thread which then most people in staff have added to again) but many are a choice between those two visions for orkfia (selling out vs preserving what we have). We'll see..

Sanzo -

I think the main thing to focus on is making the game more newb friendly. We can all agree that this game has a steep learning curve. Vets can't train every new player, so we gotta make it easier for people to pick up.

I would like to highlight the following changes that were implemented over the past years that really helped:
1. Prebuilt strats. Before this everyone started with about 50% barren land. New players NEVER built their land on protection and just clicked 'start tribe'. The argument against this was people wouldn't switch their strat in protection. Which imho is just stupid cause every vet knows you can demolish in protection.
2. Auto fill thievery. This is really helpful. Even more so now that it isn't 1 thief per acre.
3. Offense bonuses and losses on the invasion page. This is good but would be better if it showed total bonus with everything added up.

Here are some things I believe would help a lot.
1. Mouse over text for buildings, spells, TT.
No long descriptions, just simply say what it does.

Nevermind I see you changed this. Good
2. Get rid of all the formulas! Well don't actually get rid of them, just make it do people don't have to get their scientific calculator every time they need to pick their nose.
3. In game attack calculator. Autocalc military needed based on acquired Intel, output amount into invasion field.
Use off specs first, then leets to attack. (Again if a get wants to calc for himself and send all leets or what not, they can calc for themself.)
4. ML, land requirements for spells, ops. I am probably in the minority here, but I think we should reintroduce requirements for spells and ops. If a player knows they need ML10 for Brood they will get ML10 and expect to succeed. No more casting tough or medium spells with no ML and failing miserably.
5. Tribe news notifications for when your army returns from an explore or attack.
6. Red highlight for construction page for when homes fall below 2/3 optimal (20% normal race, 30% for mori, temp)

You may think I'm lazy for asking for these, and while that is partially true, you need to remember that that's who we need these changes for.

Jamzi -

just on a quick log in now but really good ideas that hopefully I will remember to add to the ToDo list for dev as yes some simplification is needed to increase the fun factor further, these are good ideas and on the whole I couldn't agree more [up][up][up]

dagyrox -

wondering if it might help for us to have a minimum alliance size. If you are new, and looking for a place to start, you can only choose an alliance that is under the minimum. if all alliance are over the minimum, only then can we open a new alliance. this would hopefully get rid of the single tribe alliances. This might force us to work together ane teach each other a bit more. Thought i'd try out the idea here first before opening a new suggestion.

Jamzi -

[up] yeah we need something to make it easier to join in this area. Not quite sure how to practically do it but please continue if you have more ideas as if we develop something practical and easy to do I would love to put it in.

dagyrox -

bootcamp needs to return, and this whole pausing n restarting thing has got to go. i dont get the benefit of it, but if it cant go, then extend the ages by about a week or so.

Pollito -


dagyrox, 10 hours ago

bootcamp needs to return, and this whole pausing n restarting thing has got to go. i dont get the benefit of it, but if it cant go, then extend the ages by about a week or so.

I guess this is why Bubbee Sweets left [cry] This is just down right meshuga! [cry][cry][cry]

Scarlet -

This is the feedback thread that SHOULD have linked in my mass mail, but apparently I did something wrong... Give feedback. We like it. [up]

(And the postscript)

Sanzo -

You are all fantastic [heart][up]

FracturedButWhol -

Hey guys. This age has been really fun! I have some suggestions that might make it better.

- Make the start of the age faster. Possibly through more gold or land. The start of the age feels really slow and it feels like it takes a week or two just to get to the fun part.

- Balance the races a little better. Mori Hai seem to be way better than the other thieve classes by far for example. Also hobbit has a HUGE disadvantage. The attackers seem balanced but not sure about mages.

- Last suggestion is a HUGE change so please take this one with an open mind :). The most fun part of the game for me is killing people. I feel like the game would be a lot more fun if it was easier to recover from death and easier to kill people. I feel like as long as your build is solid, it can be impossible to kill people; and killing people or getting killed is fun(in my humble opinion). I feel like the only thing that should keep people from dying and make them almost impossible to kill is the combination of a really good build AND logging in all the time or a racial buff like Dwarfs. Right now it seems like a really good build and logging in once every 12-24 hours can make you an impossible target. Especially Dwarf.

Let me know what you think of these ideas! :)

Nubiimut -

Hi admin. I would like to know about plague. Every day plague has been hitting my land and killing thousands of my citizen. What is plague? Seems it's new feature in this age.


dagyrox -

'memba!? 'memba when plague was a huge deal, and everyone was complaining there was too much plague? 'memba Chewbacca, again? 'memba!?

Smokey -

It's still very easy to die, so no need to weaken defenses.

dagyrox -

But, do you rememba!?

Sanzo -


It is spell castes by Grasshorror in #12

Nubiimut -

Hi Sanzo, thx for the answer.

Jamzi -

Hey Nublimet :) thnx guys for answering each other.

Plague is something the Monster tribe (Grasshopper race) in #12 performs on you indeed and will leave the game again once the monster has been killed or if it gets to the end of this age and no one killed the monster (whichever happens first). If players band together and kill the monster then plague will stop on all of you..[evilgrin]

Fractured - good ideas and feedback thnx, it's always good to post specific ideas one by one in Suggestions if you get more time as then the discussions can go back and forth. We have been implementing suggestions that are possible/practical and where people come to a consensus so that is a good way to do it, cheers :)

Markamus88 -

Time for this threadomancer to pull back his sleeves....

I promise I am not just whinging, but having looked at some of the previous comments regarding drawing and maintaining a new player base I did have a couple of things to mention.

I'm 100% behind the get rid of the formula plan. I saw the various formula after restarting an account. I laughed and closed the page. It was simply too much for day 1.

I think that once the overall game population grows then it'd be good to look at how people are selecting targets. Obviously attacking other tribes is the key way to advance in the game and I wouldn't change that for a second, it is why we all play... However, based on my own experience from the last 24hours on the receiving end of the attacks, it's kind of frustrating/boring when the people attacking you are double your strength and taking 100+ acres each time. In the absence of Ravens I decided to try out Mori Hai, all I have is defensive units and assassins and while I was able to ambush back 20 land thanks to the 3 hour turn around, it feels a bit futile and I could definitely see how a new player coming in would be put off. I on the other hand am a masochist and will continue beating my head on my desk :P

I also find the random fill alliance just doesn't ever seem to work out; at least it never has for me. Since starting a new account roughly 20 hours ago, having returned from a 2-3 year hiatus, I voted myself leader of a glorious alliance of myself and a person who hasn't left protection... I'm sure this is something you are already aware of in terms of managing the player base, and I'm equally sure that it is no simple task with turn around of players, but as having a decent alliance goes quite a long way to being successful in the game it is something which should be looked at. I saw in another post (from who knows when) someone suggested only allowing new alliances when spaces in other, non-passworded ones, were filled which might be a start. I would also maybe suggest reducing how many tribes can be in an alliance - at least while the player base is lower.

Mistro -

Regarding emailing old players. I have tried to come back several times over the years but each time it would be mid age by which point it is pointless playing and I normally forget by the time the age resets. I do think a bit of a week warning email prior to new age would bring back a lot of players. And give time for allis to recruit etc.

I see lots of familiar names and allis but I was just 12 hours late starting age and have been playing from behind ever since.

Draasbaby -

so...i have just had a 610 acres dragon destroying 222 of my acres and im 2500 acres + in size...REALLY?????..... is this how its supposed to be....i was hit by this dude twice while i slept and was down all my yards most of my farms and had a -7k in food per tick......this is really not balanced at all and i can do squad to retaliate unless i go warmode and nuke a 610 tribe...great

Smikis -

well random building demolishing for dragons is unnecessary, but rest is just pillage, dragons choose to stay small instead of growing

Jolten -

Some of the dragons are being kept low by suicidal nazgul

Mistro -

Dragons should lose the additional building damage and gain nazguls trait for credits earned per acre taken (but with a slight reduction.)

Nazguls lose the credit gain feature.

Nazguls become less suicidey and more of a late game attacker as they should be.

Dragons gain a fighting chance of actually growing before the final week of the age.
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