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SeaQueue -

So the website was off-line for about 6 hours today. Will there be any things that would need to be done to fix the missing ticks, or will we just continue as normal?

The issue is what if tribes have explored, or constructed they'd still be waiting for their land/buildings to come in [:p]

Mistro -

No ticks passed during the time server was down.

SeaQueue -

Yes I know, I am wondering if there would be any ticks applied retrospectively or will we just play on as normal

max -

There wont be any extra ticks.

Or well, the age end is delayed by 6 ticks now, so you will get the ticks back in the end [:D]

SeaQueue -

Alright sweet!

Rudy -

Like wtf was up your asses #40?

(#40) has stormed into our lands and conquered 35 acres and slaughtered 29,713 citizens
A report has been collected, our losses are listed as follows:
Basilisks killed: 539,
Hydras killed: 0
(#40) has marched into our lands and conquered 266 acres
A report has been collected, our losses are listed as follows:
Basilisks killed: 519,
Hydras killed: 0
(#40) has stormed into our lands and conquered 44 acres and slaughtered 37,141 citizens
A report has been collected, our losses are listed as follows:
Basilisks killed: 793,
Hydras killed: 0
Your army has been seduced by the beautiful Enchantress Salem. It has lost its magical advantage in defence for 1 month.
Our mystics have detected 1 failed Enchantress Salem spell coming from (#40).
Our mystics have detected 1 failed Enchantress Salem spell coming from (#40).
Our mystics have detected 2 failed Enchantress Salem spells coming from (#40).
(#40) has marched into our lands and conquered 250 acres
A report has been collected, our losses are listed as follows:
Basilisks killed: 927,
Hydras killed: 0

Everytime you guys attack me you suicided and not to mention I did nothing. Been like this for 3 ages now and I'm already growing tired of the one top alliance abusing there tribe power. There's no competition here anymore so maybe lay off a bit and get a fucking life. #goinggreenfromnowon!

Full -


Lil Britty -

Rudy, I was Catcher in the Raichu last age, you would’ve been impressed by my tribe news lol. It makes yours look like nothing. Non stop hits. Plus two other alliances teaming up on me at the end. It’s part of the game though... nothing wrong with being large and active. Good team play by 40, and all fair. Part of the Age 93 changes were to help smaller alliances with power disadvantages during wars. Hopefully that is still intact.

Tommies -

Sucks to be you Rudy!

Shame you leave your ally behind like this. Poor team play.

Alias -

nah, that is pretty extreme for week 1. lol. but yeah, all part of the game.

gotta look at it this way...
if you have a 50-player game with really less than 40 active, an 8-man alliance that is active should
dominate every time. by themselves, they represent 20% of the player base.

well done 40 the past month or so, you've come on strong!

sucks to be you, Rudy. other than the first age i joined the game, i've never been in a large alliance
and i can definitely empathize with you on getting picked on. it's not fun. i've been hit repeatedly
by particular players when there are several targets with more land and less defense than me. i
always assume the rationale is that there will be less retaliatory consequences if they hit a smaller
alliance. [:s]

good luck to you all and good age so far!!

Mistro -

The game is meant to be played as part of an alliance. ATM it is actually becoming more competitive. 24 dominated for a couple of ages and 40 are dominating currently. 23 26 14 24 and 40 are all reasonably active and competitive. Also 125 are active and coordinated if only 3 tribes.

It's a war game not an exploring simulator. You picked a dangerous attacker race and were obviously seen as a threat because of your size.

As developement we look to aid smaller alliances as mentioned above with the age changes for war but equallly being large and Active also has its inherent advantages.

If you have a suggestion for the game to make it more enjoyable for solo players please offer it up so developement can look to work it into age changes.

It's always sad to see players leave and it's unfortunate you feel that way.

Rudy -

Don't judge my team play Tommies when ever called upon in battle i always gave me best. We haven't said hello and are both not active.

Full -

[evilgrin] rudy stop whinning man play like a man oo btw hello rudy

Rudy -

I've been playing quietly now for some time. The vikings 5/2 for super cheap need to be fixed and not expoltied. Maybe come up with a way for hot fixes meaning changes being made immediately to help balance a age. If you couldn't see Vikings being op at age start than i dunno what to tell you and when you stack 3 of em it's bad. So another suggestion if you want to play in a big alliance of 8 not 12 maybe you should put a hard cap on 2 of eace race per alliance. Big alliances like that can find away to still play attacker,thief, mage.

Mistro -

What exactly is broken about the viking units? The Off and Def spec are low efficiency but cheap. So yes they enable a good start. But they also leave vikings vulnerable to Kill Attempts due to poor ratios later. Elites are more efficient but also significantly more expensive.

40 are highly active and have 3 attackers. I suspect they would have had a similar start had they chosen to run dwarves (as they did last age) or Rept hai. Or when they ran olegs 3/4 ages ago.

A cap of 2 of each race per alliance is a reasonable idea. Though in my opinion players should not be denied a free choice of which race they wish to play.

Jolten -

Hot fixes and limiting races isn't going to happen

Full -

fix and update ork calc ficking slackers

Sanzo -

Which calc ?
URL plz

Full -

PheNom -

Tbh that one u should be able to calc ur self.

Id rather see a kill calc / strat builder

Scumbag -

I know admins are working on it, but the server was about 9 hours not reachable. This is 2nd time in row. (Yesterday the same)
Only 2 updates, after no updates at all.

The last time i logged in was 00:40 ST. Was able to login again after 10:00ST.

Please solve this . It might cost players to play again.


Simo -

server are sleeping all the night long

Alias -

Anyone else only get 2 hours of production over the past 8 hours while it was down?

Kelvin -

There's no production at all while the server is down.

Noodle -

Bring Mori Hai back plz...[heart]
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