war system

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Scarlet -

Most likely he had 25% walls. You can run over 25% weaponries in war for damage bonus.

Changing next age though.

d0nc35 -

1% walls for 3% weaponries started this age 80. Not before until age 79.

d0nc35 -

But, i also missed 2x kt a dwarf.
I cant predict correctly how to kill dwarf. 14% homes left still not enough to kill dwarf.

Sanzo -

use this

use “other” for all races

dagyrox -

So, noticed that my fans keeps dropping during war. I have 0 attacks against me. I have 0 black ops against me... Do we just lose fame during the war as time goes by?


Intel spells (flyover) and friendly spells can farm fame in small amounts, if I got it correct

dagyrox -

I should take back my previous statement. I forgot about 1 black op from out of war. Sorry for raising this question. I'll monitor a bit more.
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