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Paramount Peon -

I feel like it would be really helpful for new players if experienced players could post some generic builds and the strategy behind their build. For example a build centered on offensive attacks, a build based on thievery, a build based on mages etc. Construction would be very helpful to include as well. I would be very grateful to any who sacrifice their time.[up]

Cecil -

this normally is left to your allimates (I usually post a general build in forums) or if there is an active bootcamp

if anyone would like to tho feel free to post their builds

Scarlet -

Speaking of bootcamps... Can we get one or two running? I feel like with a player pool this would be really awesome.

Paramount Peon -

My only allimate is my little brother lol I know we could join an alliance and obtain the kind of information I'm talking about from the members there but I still think it would be awesome if somebody posted for general players. [:D]

Scarlet -

Yeah wiki guide could give examples of what to build I suppose. Part of the fun of playing the game is finding out what to build and when!

Ie. Swap to 20% weaponries -> Standard grab into bigger alliance -> Swap to 10-20% walls until you can hold the acres.

Anyone can PM me if they're super lost on builds! I'm sure we can just have a newbie thread and stick it for questions?

hardar -

You can user generic builds or you can try to build your own.

As a basis you may want to keep 30% homes and somewhere between 6-7% farms (Note that some race allow more homes and need more farms).

A basic starter build could be :
- 30% homes
- 7% farms
- 5% academies
- 5% guilds
- 5% hideouts
- 10% yards
- 38% mines

This will provide you all you need to grow from the start but this i suppose you already know.

With some more advanced knowledge of game mechanics (and experience of the game) you can build less acads/guilds/farms whatever to optimize others buildings income.

As a war build for a mage you can have :
- 30% homes
- 7% farms
- 15% guilds
- 30% academies
- 5% walls
- 13% guard houses

This is just an example as you need to tweak it considering your enemy's builds and strategy.

If you're facing a lot of attackers that can run a lot of walls and no/few thieves you can (and have to) build more walls and less guard houses).
Same thing if you're targeting a tribe that is heavily defended with churches, you need less mage level and more guilds.
And so on.

A couple more generic war builds :

- 30% homes
- 7% farms
- 8% walls
- 25% hideouts
- 5% academies
- 5% guilds
- 20% churches

- 30% homes
- 7% farms
- 8% walls
- 5% guilds
- 5% academies
- 15% weaponries
- 15% churches
- 15% guard houses

Defense (the turtle):
- 30% homes
- 7% farms
- 8% walls
- 20% guard houses
- 5% academies
- 5% guilds
- 20% churches

As stated before, these are just examples as you can run less or no farms if you are well prepared, you may also choose to have very little guilds and no acads just for basic self spells to maximize another building like hideouts or weaponries, or build less homes if you need an extra damage boost and the enemy is not that dangerous (or if you can afford the risk).

A good build is just a matter of having a good balance between defense and damage output for the situation you are facing. You need an final kill to win a war against a weakened alliance? Go “all in” and sacrifice def for firepower. You found yourself the next target of a full War Mode Kill Hungry alliance? Drop that guilds and rise your def up.

The key is : Know your enemy, adapt your build accordingly.

DolphinTeeth -

Hardar, excellent post. This info is quite useful.

DaBoss -

I would say a good way to find out what is good is recon some of the players doing better than you. You can also recon the players doing worse so you know what not to do;-).

DolphinTeeth -

I should've used recon, instead of guess.

DaBoss -

Don't look at me build is horrid[:$]

Scarlet -

Eagle builds are so legit after the change.
Running 20% GH and 15% guilds is the same as 25% guilds XD

As for farms, it's closer to like 6.5%. Having huge surpluses of food is only good for if you want to go to war and drop all your farms :P

My basic build is:
30% homes
3-5% walls
2% guilds
5-10% acads (less now that racial spells are gone)
6.5% farms
8-10% yards
Rest into mines

Scarlet -

Literally as soon as I posted this I started getting killed for having no T/M defence.

Coincidence? Sadly yes...

d0nc35 -

better build acad and hideout plus bastion than church and guardhouse.

Jolten -

You can always ask myself or another staff member for advice. Most are willing to help.

Sanzo -

If you have a fairy in your alliance don't even bother with guilds or academies. Just get churches and make the fairy give you self spells [:D]

Gilly -

Is it at all viable to build elites as thief class, jw, how to build fame out of war

Sanzo -


I suppose it depends on the race, but you should pick the defensive unit with the highest def points.

Hobbits should train 0/5 def specs instead of 4/3 elites,
Mori Hai should train 0/5 def specs instead of 5/4 elites,
Spirit should train 2/6 def specs instead of 3/3 elites,
Wood Elf should train 1/9 elites instead of 0/6 def specs.

It is crucial to choose whatever unit has the most def points because when you train your thieves you will need all the space you can get.

dagyrox -

Maybe provide similar info to what hardar posted, but for each race. Provide a link so newbies and people wanting to get a better handle of race differences can get an idea of were to start before they start experimenting. This game is too slow to start right off the bat experimenting. This could increase competition, since newbs will have a pretty good handle on things from get go. Might be something the game needs to help keep new recruits? just saiyan.

Nandu -

ahhh, just found this thread. i recently made a similar suggestion regarding a newbie guide
page in the wiki. anything that points a person in the right direction for their first 5 days of
an age.

of course this information can be obtained from alliance mates or by Omailing people but
there are some people who are shy or who don't want to be bothered. anytime a game like
this has a small playerbase, anything that makes the startup process easier has a very
high value.
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