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Kappa -

Haven't played this in ages. I see that dragons (RIP cause no resource farm), nazgul(yay, no pestilence), light elf, templar, owls, oleg hai and who knows what else were removed. Some of the race traits were changed. Do dwarves need homes now? Markets were also removed. No online status.


Taking a look through the guide, I see:

Barracks = 1% barracks decreases the cost of training, building and exploring by 0.5%, military upkeep and battle losses reduce by 0.5% and citz, MP and TP regeneration increase by 0.5%. Bloody hell.

What's the max % of Barracks that you can build before the bonuses gets capped? 20? 25?

Jamzi -

Lol I don't know where to start.. yes Dwarves need homes

I've actually no idea about your barracks question off the top of my head, if I find the answer will post it though (and will amend the Wiki), or maybe someone else knows?

Welcome back anyhow! Let us know if there are particular things that are weird for a newb/returner so we can fix them since we are trying to build things up again :)

Sanzo -

Max barracks is 25%
Though I find building them is quite useless when you factor in the building and rebuilding costs and the loss of income

Scarlet -

Hi KFu,

Race trait balancing is ongoing, with the hope that players can fit into the playstyle they want with a specific race.

As is, barracks are under-used as the convert cost doesn't outweigh the explore bonuses in my opinion. I can see them being useful to wizards to make exploration even cheaper/reduce units lost. And I have no idea why “bloody hell” got copied over into the wiki hahaha, that's great.

Barracks are on the re-work itinerary. :)

Cecil -

bars were also good for dwarves when they essentially acted as homes...
markets have been gone for a good long time...
the races arent necessarily “gone” just on the shelf as theyre being revamped
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