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Scarlet -

Hi all,

I will be updating the formula section of the wiki in the next bit (and making sure formulas from old wiki are correct).

Please let me know what formulas you're interested in, and I will prioritize them. [:)]
(Donkeys = 30* Acres)

Cecil -

ive seen requests for:
Strength, Fame (pop bonuses and such), success rates, mp/plan scale

Sanzo -


Ask max

Darkwing -

I am interested in the formula to turn lead into gold.....

Smikis -

anything thief related... does number of thieves still help with defence, does sending more means better chance of success and so on.. all of that is completely missing

Sanzo -

Sending more per op does not give greater success
Higher TPA gives greater success
Keeping a moderate to high TPA home should protect you from most enemy thievery

Thievery success is a tricky thing

Use this for help

Hyperion -

I am interested to know below formula:
1. Military Upkeep
2. Logs Decayed
3. Food Decayed
4. Alliance Research % Increase & Decrease


Sanzo -

I got chu bruh

1. Military Upkeep
Broken image

2. Logs decayed
Amount of logs in tribe/10,000

3. Food decayed
Amount of food in tribe/5,000

4a. Research %
Broken image

4b. Research Decay
Broken image

Hyperion -


Btw, what is L?

Sanzo -

L = Alliance Land

dagyrox -

fame pop bonus. Figured we are somewhere in the fame/100,000 ball park, and works for most part, but i'm still off by a few hundred. also, i can't figure out where we used to house all this info. There is a link we used to have, outside of wiki. I don't rem how to access it. Thanks.

Sanzo -

Fame pop bonus is:
{pop of all buildings * fame/100,000)

if you are off by a few hundred its because you are not counting pop from non-homes

dagyrox -

I am counting pop from now homes, 10 * each building, but maybe i'm not accounting for guilds/HOs. I can see HOs take 40, but what about guilds? can't find that written anywhere. Thanks.

Jamzi -

Thanks for the answers Sanzo (and the questions others which I am sure were useful to others too).

I don't know the formulas myself but I believe Scarlet will check through them later in the year and update in Wiki when he has time (he has been doing a lot for the game in various areas and then was busy irl recently so didn't manage it as soon as planned).

For now I have updated the formulas Sanzo had gathered previously in the original wiki and this thread, they are on the new formulas page in our Wiki (linked through “The Guide” button in menu)

hardar -

Guilds holds 10 citizens.

Give an example of how you're calculating and we'll see where it's wrong.

dagyrox -

Jamzi - Dwarfs are wrong. That's old dwarf.

hardar - ((B8*300)+((B2-B8)*10))*(1+(B4/100000)+0.1)

b8 - homes
b2 - total land
b4 - fame
.1 for elendian

... i'm not running HOs <-- hide that part? [:D]

Sanzo -

That is wrong

You cannot use “total land” you need to use “built acres” or you need to subtract “barren” or “in progress buildings” somewhere.

Nepherius - has all the info you need :)

dagyrox -

lol, thanks, all in json format, much appreciated. why not serialize it? [:D]

sanzo, keep in mind this is a personal calculator. I'm not interested in knowing what my population will be like with barren land, i want to know what my population will be like at a give, specific, build. this helps me prepare military/citz ratio, which trickles down to military specs ratio. Currently, i have had the land i'm on for over 12 ticks, which means there is no change in build or fame. so after this much time, everything should have settled, and my end result in game should match what i have calculated. My calculations are giving me 1500 more than i currently have in game. 0 barren/incoming acres. Chalk it up to rounding errors?

max -

Also make sure you account for the cap on homes. If you are 4-5 homes above the cap, your formula will give about that amount (1500) more then the actual population. Rounding errors should give single digit errors at worst.

dagyrox -

Yeah, the call is included. Homes are at .3. I'm also chalking it up to google sheets math bugs. I've noticed they aren't exactly perfect. Idk y but sheets math can really get screwed up. /shrug

Nepherius -

Not sure why your calc is off by so much, I tested my kill calc to see total population and I got quite accurate results.

By hand adding total citizens + citizens incoming in a hour(full in 1 hour) gave me 263948

And the kill calc gave me a total population of 263948.00000000006

Sanzo -

Roxy: I mentioned the barren or in progress land because they don't hold citizens but are still counted as built acres. In your formula you don't count these anywhere, which could easily produce the missing citizens [up]

ScorpiAS -

Raze damage now that weapons dont affect it anymore? Anyone?

hardar -

Raze destroys 4% of target's homes + a number of homes equals to 1.2% of his total land.

ScorpiAS -

And how does the High elf bonus work on top of that. Increases the total amount of homes destroyed or gives bonus only to the 4% component?
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