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Sanzo -

It affects the total.


Race bonus for HE is (1+Fame*3/100000)
For Raven its 0.75


Could anyone provide an overview on how 'strength' is calculated?

Do strength increases mainly come from 'elites','thieves' and war buildings?

Growth buildings and def specs seem to provide very low 'strength'

Sanzo -

I don't know the exact formula but its main factors are:
Military off and def points
Thieves give lot of strength
Guilds, Hideouts, Churches, Guardhouses, Academies give about 100 strength each
Ciorin's Blessing and Deam's Hunt give strength when they are active

Ravens strength is inflated. Probably just the original formula doubled or something

ScorpiAS -

Wasnt the raven 75% damage removed 2 ages ago? its still in teh guide but the races changes say it was removed?

Relevant link

This is exactly what bothers me. Even after contacting staff directly I am still not clear on what the formulas for the different attacks are.

For example the formula in the guide for standard attack is definitely outdated or wrong.

Simo -

it is not deleted, it is red because it is a penality

max -

Where in the guide do you find the formula for standard attack?

Kappa -

What is the formula for standard attack? The formula for Standard Attack here seems to be incorrect/outdated.

Nepherius -

That's an unofficial guide.

Kappa -

Yeah, so having the actual formulae listed on the official guide would be nice. That unofficial guide is still useful since it does have some correct formulae, such as the commandeer/barren grab formula.

max -

Its something like this:

x = defender_land / attacker_land

land_taken =~ (defender_land-defender_barrens) * max(0.01, 0.115 * min(1, x^2 + x/3) * ((x<=1.3)+(x>1.3)*1.3/x) * ((x<=3)+(x>3)*0.5) - ((x<0.8)*(0.8-x+(defender_land>=1500)*0.05)*0.5))

The conditions are evaluated to 0 (false) or 1 (true).

Kappa -

Thanks, looking at my last grab, that formula is a lot more accurate.

Kappa -

Unfortunately, the first site is down and hardar's thief op success rate calculator seems bugged (success rate is always 70% regardless of target and caster TPA).

Would it be possible to post the success rates for thief (and mage) ops? Or would it be too much of a hassle/info dump?

Sanzo -

Too much of a hassle/info dump. Best would be if max gets his calc running again.

Most thief ops have auto fail rate. For arson this is 30%. Meaning you can succeed maximum 70% of the time, and that is before factoring in TT, GH, etc. in order to achieve optimal successrate rule of thumb is to have TPA * 3 of the target

While slightly outdated, this will help you get a grasp on things:

max -

Wop, I'll get it back up. If you are really in a hurry you can find it here too:

Kappa -

Wow, thanks! [up]

Kappa -


Nvm, I can't read

Sanzo -

Now I am interested

Someguy -


Sanzo -

Put in what formula?

Scarlet -

Just updated HnR and BC in wiki as the text was incorrect.

HnR results in 4% of defenders defensive troops being lost. (It's actually 2*0.02*Modifiers. ex. Raven 75% losses and HE Fame bonus)
BC requires 100% of defenders defense to be successful, not 50%.

I've temporarily put the losses for them into the attacks page. Will move them to formulas later on.

Scarlet -

Strength calculation added to wiki. This should be pretty close.

Here's your validation for why ravens have such high strength values when they are pure elites.

Kamecimi -

what is the formula for the lightning spell, please? [up]
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