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Sanzo -

Hello all. I see there is an influx of new and returning players who face a steep learning curve. I am posting in this thread to even the playing field as much as I can. The following are useful tools for the game.

Kill Calculator: *UP TO DATE!*

Construction assistant / Invasion calculator: *UP TO DATE!*
Using this you can copy/paste Recon, Sneak, and Intercept into the box provided and it will load it automatically

Magic and Thievery Successrate Calculators:
Magic: *UP TO DATE!*
Thievery: *UP TO DATE!*

hardar -


Scarlet -

I'll get these into the new wiki too [up]

bill -

I started a calc 2 ages ago (I think hardars went down for a short time and we needed one but his has been solid for years) but I haven't kept it updated with new races [:s] If we do end up with more of the formulae accessible on guide it would be easier for community to maintain a tool like this on github/github pages where anyone can contribute/update.

hardar -

a tool like this on github/github pages where anyone can contribute/update.

Ok now this is an idea.
Who's in?
I have something to start with (i can host it for demo) but very little time atm.

Sanzo -

Start it up

Smikis -

all the good old races there.. eh orkfia got so butchered ;/

Nepherius -

Building Calculator, probably has bugs.[heart]

Kamecimi -

the tools above appear to be just fine, Nepherius. The calcs for percentages is one of the easier parts of the game... its just the basics. The ticks in time and the differences in races complicate the strats and help to create that steep learning curve... just gotta feel it out and find the formula that works for each race. there's a sense of “chemistry” to each race... a “solution” if you will...

Jamzi -


Is it OK with you guys if I share links for your calcs on the facebook page too?

bill -

It would be cool if there was a races API as well, so that tools could use the API for any race modifiers and reduce hard coding. Just an idea

max -

Something like this?

It is kind of a mess, but there hasn't really been any reason to improve it. If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to try fixing it.

bill -

You're too good max!

Sanzo -

Max is the best

Scarlet -

Bumped. For being good post.

That awks moment when I stickied Sanzo.

Sanzo -

I made a kill calc. It works properly for all races.

P.S. I know it sucks on mobile. I will work on that

PheNom -

Cudos for trying sanzo :)
Fingers crossed that it is working 100% :)

h3 -

Nice one, Sanzo! The gift that keeps giving [heart]

PheNom -

Its gone again sanzo?

max -

He only messed the link up, remove the exclamation mark from the end:

Sanzo -

sorry edited my post [:$]

Sanzo -

Just an FYI, I made an attack calculator too:


Gilgatn -

What is the calculation for the final bit of what a Raid can do? is it 2x acres? 1.5 x Acres?

Sanzo -

2x acres Minimum
I think 20% of citizens is the maximum, if they have tons of citizens

HaRRy -

Sanzi asked me to update my calc a bit so I started writing(well, some parts anyway) a new version.

The construction helper should be ok and is probably final but the rest is not. Also, the URL might change so don't bookmark it just yet.
Consider it an alpha release. And at least the following things should still be looked at
- not yet tested in more than 1 browser
- sticky should probably not happen on anything other than the construction helper and should be smart when turning it off.
- showing the additional top menu should be optional
- widgets should go on top on click/touch
- Verify all calculations(and check if we can finetune the rounding to match actual modded off/def)
- allow paste more intel
- Show gains/destructions
- Fix some more styles
- Fixes for smaller screens

If anyone feels like verifying some numbers with their own stats that would be great. (note that modded off is always rounded down and modded def is rounded up). If anything isn't correct it would be real helpful if you can figure out which field or whatever doesn't work like expected.
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