War Report #17 vs #42

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Scarlet -

So I'd been planning out to build up hostility with #42 for a day or so to get us into a war. You could say I lusted for a kill.

Convert time was set, first KT was set. Then as we were raising hostility, Snoozing grabbed us and brought it to 1000 triggering auto war.

Our first kill target was their big raven (because he's kinda scary). Since they were so nice as to start the war for us, we decided to delay our KT until 8 hours in for 100% damage.

Sadly I such at math and forgot that it takes 4 ticks for things to build [8)]...
Our first KT most of us had 45% mana... On a huge target.

We managed to burn roughly 2/3 of his homes on the first KT. And proceeded to burn more hoping he wouldn't online. Another KT was set.

By our second KT he had logged in, and rebuilt his homes. We raced against the clock, but didn't manage to get a kill. We were very close though. #42 still hadn't converted, but their attackers had some weaponries to hit back. I guess they thought they were safe due to such high citz:military ratios this early in age.

By this point #42 realized we were crazy nutters and retracted their offer of a truce for some reason.

I set our next KT for the 24 hour mark (150% damage). It was a 1 tick kill, which was nice as I was sending my spells from my phone ^,^.

Final Remarks:
Kills early in the age when everyone has low DPA and high citz:military ratio are hard, but possible. I was really happy with how my alliance stepped up to the plate, even though we have a few new/returning guys :)

Thanks for sinning #42. Had fun [up][up][up][heart]

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Cecil -

all i will say is “overkill is underrated”

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