How to survive a KT 101

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Scarlet -

This is a VERY general guide for newer players, as some of the tips in here may be useful. Don't use it as a definitive cheat sheet. I'm sure other old players will argue with this. I'll update it with input from other players if they think I'm way off, or add other tips/tricks older players know.

How to survive in general, or survive while sleeping
Make sure you have equivalent mage level to the enemy mages.
If they have thieves: get 15% guard houses at least, 20% is ideal.
Make sure you have 20TPA+ and thieves trap up while you sleep. If they are a much higher TPA than you you will need some guard houses.
Either get a high Mage level (within 3 of enemy mages), or run 20% churches.
If you know you can't break the KT your alliance has set with weaponries, convert to a mage. Get mage level 25.
You will want 15%+ churches and guard houses depending on the alliance you are at war with.

If you know when your alliance KT is, have extra churches/guard houses until 4 ticks before. Then convert some of your churches/guard houses into your 20-25% weaponries (or whatever you need to break the target).

If you're online, and see enemy spells/ops/attacks destroying your homes.
1. Make sure you have Elendian, Seal of Deflection and Thieves Trap running at all times. If you can't cast it yourself, ask allies for both!
2. Rebuild your homes ASAP.

If you're online, and down within kill range (they can burn enough homes to take you to 0 citizens)
1. Buy 3-5k basic soldiers from the market before the tick.
2. Have your release units window open.
3. Be ready to release the soldiers you just bought at 00:00 on the next tick into CITIZENS.
4. Repeat until your homes come back in.

If you are down to 200 citz max you cannot buy soldiers from the market. You can only buy them if you have room for them.

In the case you don't have room to buy soldiers before the tick (if you have room at XX:50:00 get them then, so their ops don't prevent you from buying):
You can release X military units into citizens right after the tick.
(You would prefill the values) Your preference will always be survival, so you release in order of priority: Offensive units->Defensive Units/Thieves (thieves first if they have no thieves).

This will result in you having 3-5k citizens right after the tick, each tick you do this. Their fireballs/poison waters won't be able to kill you unless they save up mana (as they won't have full mana/TP hopefully)
note that raids have a minimum citizens killed if you are being attacked with raids at XX:00:01 then you will need to release a larger number of citizens.

General Tips:
- Having to release into citizens, and rebuild is the reason you usually want to stock up your market with wood/soldiers before a war. It really does help survival!

- Make sure you have your MP/TP generating buildings in place at least 6-7 hours before any KT so they are full. You can change churches/guard houses to academies 4 hours before your alliances KT and still be full this way! (it works better for attackers/mages as thieves will have to train their TPA up which will cost more.

- If they are an attacker heavy alliance, make sure you have enough walls that at least a few of their attackers cannot break your defences even with their weaponries. You won't need to block all of the attackers, just some.

Feel free to ask questions, and other players please give input. I know some new players may not know about releasing at the tick to survive, so I wanted to post this.

Cecil -

or be like the top raven and double the acre size of the next closest person and be too efficient to effectively kill

Scumbag -

very usefull, thanks. [up]

ScorpiAS -

If you are down to 200 citz max you cannot buy soldiers from the market. You can only buy them if you have room for them.

Scarlet -

Good point scorpias.

I usually buy around XX:50:00. Otherwise you will have to release:
Offence specs -> defence specs to basics in 1 tab, and then what you released there into citizens in your next tab (so you can do the first release just before tick, and the next release at XX:00:00.

Sanzo -

You can release anything into citz. You don't have to make them basics first [8)]

hardar -

Don't give away all the pro tricks sanzo, that little button is hard to find.

Sanzo -

Which pro tricks button?
Do you mean this one?

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Scarlet -

I don't remember that button ever existing a few years ago... good point.

I blame me doing it the old way on why I died last age XD

Sanzo -

Uber dev button on the top of tribe page also useful

Maybe you meant this button?

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