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Pollito -

Hey! I've been MIA for a long, long, donk, long time...

I have several questions

What happened to the Resource Farms page?
Was brood removed?
You can longer see who's online (other allis?)
Is Sweets ever gonna return? [cry] I miss my old Canadian not name Anne Murray... seriously, I'm gonna start a petition!
I have several more, but gonna come up when I get them again

Sanzo -

1. Gone
2. Yep
3. That is correct
4. I dunno

dagyrox -

If sweets comes back, she'll join our Alli and we'll make her elder. And rule the game once more.

Pollito -

I do miss that Old Lady...

Anyways, what happened to that Staff member who was crazy about cookies...

his name started with the letter A... anyone know?

Sanzo -


Pollito -

What ever happened to him?

Thank You for the quick response [;)][heart]

Scarlet -

Pokemon Go came out. Someone caught him thinking he was a magmar?

Nandu -

Just joined this site an hour or so ago and since this thread is entitled “questions”, i'll come here:

1) if my archived intel is empty, does that mean noone in the alliance i am in has gathered any info on anyone since this age started?
2) how do i know the start and end date/time of an age?
3) any general newbie guides around? can't find anything on the forum. perhaps suggestions for dpa and tpa throughout the age, if not?
4) is the market more of an emergency tool in this game? or do alliances build strategies based on it? (one guy loads up on lumberyards and another on food farms, etc.)
5) other than time away while on a mission, is there any limitation on thievery? (for example, u can only cast spells based on how much mana you have, right? any correlating limitations on spies/thieves?)
6) are there any size limitations on attacks? i saw the gains of land based on 75% or 80% land but can a guy with 1 acre attack a guy with 20,000 acres and vice versa?
7) same question with regard to thief and mage attacks?
8) i probably should have asked this one first but i see that the top 7 guys in rankings are all in the same alliance. is it just the same guys allying together and dominating every age? (not criticizing, just asking in case its a bit lopsided in game play. i'm a bit competitive and might not enjoy that dynamic)
9) where is this dragon race i saw mentioned? :)
10) is there a limit to amount of offense u can send based on your defense left at home? (can i send out 100k offense and leave home 0 defense?)

ok, that is enough questions for one day. thanks to any and all input given and best of luck to you all!!


p.s. super glad to find you all. used to play games like this a long time ago.

Kappa -

1) Yep
Each age lasts about 4 weeks. We're currently 1-2 weeks in
3) Not sure about any relevent newbie guides. DPA depends on the attackers around you. If there's no attackers around your size, you can get away with low DPA. Also, at the start of the age, everyone starts with low DPA. As the age progresses, the average DPA rises to around 250.
4) The market is useful for trading goods with alliance members. Yes, one person can stock up on yards/food/etc.
5) Thievery has quite a few drawbacks compared to magic. Thief ops are based on how much Thievery Points you have (like mana). Sending thieves out also lowers your effective TPA at home, making you vulnerable to other thieves. And of course, you need to train thieves which is expensive and lowers your citz/military ratio - making you easier to kill.
6) Gains from standard attack drop if your target is less than 80% of your size.
There's a formula for it here somewhere:
Here is the formula in a google spreadsheet:
There's also some tools here though some may be outdated:
7) There used to be a dmg penalty on thief/mage damage to tribes bigger than 2x or less than half your size but now it's gone. That said, a small tribe should try to grow to 2.5k acres first because that's when they'll get the maximum mana/tp per guild/hideout. (3mana/3tp)
8) I've only been around for 2-3 ages and the top alliances are usually #24 and #40 so far. #13 got a great start this age because of their raven heavy play. The playerbase is quite small so the dominating alliances don't change that much.
9) I'm not sure when dragon was removed. It used to rely heavily on raiding actively to earn money. But then the game was modified so raids don't give money so I imagine that made dragons unviable.
10) You are free to do suicidal attacks if you want.


On point 8 - the ranking of alliances starts off using land

But there are also ranks for strength, fame and kills

If your alliance composition prevents you from leading in land, you can always try to hit the top charts in these other areas

There are also individual ranks and the top player need not be from the top alliance in land

Alliances rise and fall based on activity - sometimes fatigue sinks in and people take a breather for an age or 2

Some ages see huge influx of players, then competition ramps up significantly and it's not as homogenous at the top like right now

In any case, this is a good starting play by #13.

Nandu -

oh wow! very thorough answers! thanks, Kappa and GEOM! best of luck to ya and i'll see you on the battlefields.

oh, and 250 dpa? i used all the crowns i started the game with and can't get that high so maybe i lose a bunch of land
in the beginning. :(

Nandu -

ok guys, a few more if i'm not being too bothersome:

1) can you only send out one attack at any one time? (thus the 1 general listed? i'm not really sure what he does)
2) does Thieves Traps protect only your tribe or the entire alliance? it is listed under alliance ops but i got this
message when performing it “Your thieves have created traps for the safety of your tribe. You will have increased thievery protection for 7 months.”
b} also is it gone once it is activated by an enemy thief attack? or are the traps good for the entire duration?

3) i'm still confused by the alliance market. it appears it is just a bank to hide your stuff since you are not charged
for leaving it there. no tax or charge for buying and selling on it, right? perhaps someone can better explain the necessity for it at all
rather than just making all 'stuff' untouchable by enemies.
4) does the game begin immediately when an age starts? what i mean is: can you attack immediately or is there a period of
protection for tribe development? i started late but builds and trains were immediate. if the game starts immediately, i assume
the first few hours are a bit quiet since you start with zero mana and 0 thief plans so can't get any ops. or are there a lot of
blind attacks?
5) can someone better explain to me how mages and mage level works? i cast a spell that was considered by the guide
“easy by any mage” but failed many times. how much does level factor in? how much of a random factor is involved?
b) is it conceivable to reach a mage level or spa that you are unreachable by ops?

6) is exploring the only source of new land? no new land is created in any other way, is it? (other than the land given to
a new tribe when it is created)
7) does research play a large part in the game? is it common for an alliance to do a large research investment more than once in an age?
8) what is fame and how does it work?

those are the questions off the top of my head. thanks, in advance, to anyone who can clear up a bit for me. :)

Sanzo -

1) yes, unfortunately
2) you can perform the operation on yourself or on alliance mates
2-b) TT lasts for its duration
3) market is useful for exchanging the resources. for example, one person in the alliance might have 50% yards instead of mines because they want a boost in income (yards are worth more than mines), as a result, that person will have to borrow someone else's money, while the other tribe will be negative on wood but positive on money. the market used to be more worthwhile when you could attack other tribes for their money in tribe.
4) you can start immediately when the admins announce the age has started. there are a lot of blind attacks in the first few hours, especially by ravens.
5) if you have very low ML, you wont succeed a whole lot. ML 5 is sufficient for basic stuff like self spells and vision, inner sight. with ML 15 you will succeed most mid range spells, and ML 30 is good for hard spells. It also depends on what your opponent has. I suggest using a spell calculator made by one of our players:
5-b) sure, you can go ML 60+ if you want to be completely out of reach, but Churches might be a better choice if you are going for only protection.
6) Land claim (thievery) is a very generous source of land. If you are a thief race with 30TPA, you can easily get 75 acres every 3hrs. Land is also created when attackers use standard grab, there is a 35% “BONUS” of new explored land
7) research is underused in my opinion but can be very helpful. you should wait a while before getting labs, as they will hinder your growth and are useless if you are exploring quickly.
8) Fame gives you extra citizens. Everyone starts with 5000 fame (5% more citizens). If you succeed Spells, Thievery, or Attacks, you get more fame. Having a lot of fame gives you more income from citizens, and makes your tribe harder to kill.

Nandu -

wow, thanks for the info, Sanzo!

that Land Claim thievery option is something i didn't look over carefully. that sounds like an incredible source of land.

i sincerely appreciate the fast answers on here and in the chat. thanks everyone for helping a new guy out!


Nandu -

uh... u just tried to cast thieves trap twice. failed both times. next to the scroll down on thieves trap is the number 8 so i
thought i was using 8 thieves on each attempt. now i have 3200 thieves out and not coming back for 4 hours. so i
selected thieves trap again and when its pulled up, it says 1684 thieves.

can someone clarify this for me?

also, does the thief operation 'land claim' show up in alliance news like an explore does? if so, is the language different?
or does it appear the same as an explore?

Sanzo -

The number next to the operation is the amount of Thievery Points necessary.
The amount of thieves necessary for the operation is the amount the game automatically fills in the box. Sending less will result in automatic failure. (It used to be 1 thief per acre so if you were 2000 acres you needed 2000 thieves), but over time it got changed. long story.)

Land Claim does not show up in alliance or tribe news. You receive the land instantaneously.

Nandu -

lets say my troops at home are as follows:

engineer: 0,5 (200) for 1000 defense
mtn ogre: 5,5 (400) for 2000 defense

and i am successfully invaded (standard invasion). according to wiki, i lose 2% of my defensive
troops. total defense is 3000 and 2% of that number is 60. can someone tell me what
my exact casualties will be? (i'm assuming there is no randomness to this)


(i know the answer that makes sense to me but just want to make sure i understand
how it works here)

Scarlet -

Ill double check, but I believe its in proportion.

Ie 4 d specs and 8 elites.

Sanzo -

you lose 2% of each unit with def points (units with no def points dont get killed if youre attacked)
if you have Fountain of Resu active when you are attacked, you will lose 40% less, so 1.2% of each unit.

Nandu -

yeah, that is what my gut said but wanted to make sure it didn't pull from a certain pool more heavily in this game.

do eagles start the Age with 50% Elude? or does it start at 0% and take until the 5th hour into the Age before it maxes out?

also, when you explore and send out defensive troops, do 100% of them return when the land comes back? if not, how many?
do you choose which type of troops to send out?

and, i know an exact number can't be given, but can someone give me an idea on the decay for alliance research? i can't figure out
how to calculate an example from the formula on wiki.

in the description of High Elves, it says that all units are immortal in combat. does that mean that thieves can die on operations?
or that troops can die from dark magic? or is the immortality of all High Elves absolute?

Sanzo -

Eagles: Yes I believe you start at 0% when you start your tribe.
Exploration: They all return with your land. I am not sure if you can send out what you want. I have never tried that.
Research: You lose roughly 1% per 6 hours. (so if you have 25% on growth science, in 6 days it will be depleted, assuming you dont grow)
High Elves: Immortality is only on attacking and defending. Thieves die. Lightning bolt, ambush kills military

HaRRy -

Really sounds like some tough game to learn. Awesome :-)
I know some people working on Google Brain big data AI, maybe they can help me =)

Seriously, welcome Nandu and welcome back Pollito. Of course I remember you.
It's a great game to get to know people from around the world and learn stuff along the way,

Nandu -


Nandu -

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