War report 22 vs 14

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dagyrox -

Cthulpa has declared war on Spartans
Cthulpa has laid the final blow to [OG] Inuit (#22)'s career during their war
Spartans has surrendered to Cthulpa

Like true Greeks, we started off strong, but let our guard down and took one in the heart. [:D]

A new comer joins our ranks and sets his eyes on the weaklings in our neighboring alliance. His underestimation of their dark powers, though, led to his demise. With his loss, the 5 Spartan slackers had no choice but to call it a day. Hats off to the winners.

Sanzo -

This is madness!

dagyrox -


Burning -

The best report we had so far! [up]

dagyrox -

Lol what you mean we! You left us! Please come back [:D]

Burning -

My name still has the [OG] on it. haha! I'l come back after once this age ends. [up]
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