Orkfia Emailing #2

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Kovenant -

Good morning!

this morning a new Orkfia emailing has been sent out to 2612 recipients.
more information regarding opens , bounces and unsubscribes will follow.
plain text version below;

Welcome back!

We are re-launching the latest version of Orkfia in late September, come to to see what it's all about.

You like strategy, why not test if your brain is still working now you are older ;) Now is the time it is worth coming back to Orkfia :) You have nothing to lose - it's free and takes 2 minutes (or less!) to sign up. If you don't like it, disappear in the shadows.

After months of development we will be releasing a modernised layout/visual theme. In addition those races in the ”Attacker“ tab of the in-game guide (High Elf, Dwarf, Raven and Uruk Hai) will have their class perk of 3hr training time extended to all units, not just basics.

Also, don't forget we have the mobile version - you can even download a free bridging app for Android phones (search Google Play for ”Orkfia") if you are too lazy to type into your mobile browser [:)]

All the best!
Kovenant, Jamzi, Hardar, Max, Scarlet, Bolle, Elvis, Cecil, Jolten and other names you might recall at /

Kovenant -

email was sent out to 2612 recipients

2560 succesfull deliveries (98%)

so far 340 users opened the email
so far 52 users clicked on link(s) in the email
top link clicked

Jamzi -

Excellent, thanks Kovenant and the success rate is farrrrr better now after the checking of the email addresses that you conducted [up][up][up]

dagyrox -

this is a pretty good idea, keep emailing everyone in between ages. Should help keep things going around here with more people.

Insya -

Brought me back.
I'm a nobody, but still :-)

Kovenant -

We are all nobody's [:D]

Cecil -

what is being somebody?

dagyrox -

boi, that's some body! [:D]

d0nc35 -

i read my email once per month.
i read the orkkia mail title and leave it not opened [:p]
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