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Elsa -

Just sent this out on public setting in facebook chat. Let's see if we get any new players. [:D]

Looking for a fast paced text war game? Come check out OrKfIa. New age starting now. Simple text game with several races to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Come to OrKfIa and see if you have what it takes to win the age. :)

LoneWolf -

Well, I sent that out not her, lol. Wondering how facebook actually works though and if that really went out to every person who has a facebook page. [:p]

dagyrox -

fast paced? The humor is strong in this one [:D]

LoneWolf -

Well, you can die fast if you're not careful. [evilgrin]

Jamzi -

[up][up] nice - good idea thanks :)

Pollito -

dagyrox, yesterday . Edit - Quick Edit

fast paced? The humor is strong in this one [:D]

If you put Orkfia againts other types of similar games, It's considered fast pace. You think 4 ticks is not, but I remember years ago I played a similar game. The only good thing I could have said about it: They had more of everything, building, races, spells, etc. The biggest con was everything took FOREVER! Training their elites was 12hrs. Attacks varied, I remember seeing 12hr attacks, and if you bounded they returned in 6hrs. So yeah I think orkfia is considered fast paced.

The problem is: years passed, orkfia has changed, people have changed, new demands, new types of games, etc.
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