CoC violation

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d0nc35 -

1 by 1, i lost friend.
1 by 1, they said goodbye.
this tread is also out of topic.
achh.. nm. just forget it.


It is worth reporting any CoC violations, if only to bring attention to it

If that fails, then I can only empathise

Scarlet -

I've recently suspended two players, and they haven't replied to being suspended after being warned to cease & desist in an action if that is what you're referring to.

These players have failed to fix a violation of the Code of Conduct after being explained multiple times, and have as yet not replied..

If they reply we can try fix the situation.

d0nc35 -

Maybe they just need fresh air.

dagyrox -

I think that some players may benefit from a translated version of the CoC.

Sorry for leaving Donc. I[heart]U

d0nc35 -

im talking about our newby Bee and our possible new member [:D]

me : kok jadi warna ijo ?

di ban sama temen lo si polito dodol. wkwkwk.
Gw share IP sama temen gw. trus gmn bro? wkwkwkw
Ini lg diurus.

~ Major Kim Rie (#23)
2016-10-03 06:36:50

Bee : Good Bye folks!

Your tribe has been suspended for 168 hours by Law & Order #2.

You will not receive updates or be able to interact with the game.

This is most likely because of a Code of Conduct violation. Usually a staff member will have contacted you, if they have not, it is highly advised that you contact them, especially if you are not guilty of what you have been suspended for.

~ Scarlet
2016-10-06 09:31:21


If I understand the above correctly, sounds like action taken on him due to ip sharing (suspected of being a multi account)

Could also be action taken against co-op, as housemates working together in different alliances is not allowed under CoC - but I don't know enough to be certain
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