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Casper -

Okay i am completely against the restarting of your tribe when killed. My alliance is currently in a war where all the DE's are running less that 20% homes with no military and have the 10% homes go towards guilds. This is not what was intended or i think was not meant to be abused like this. DE's even when casting on a high mage get's 50% success rate...

There needs to be a better way to penalize these players. Imo it's abuse of the game considering tribes that aren't dead are a decent size to wake up and find out 2k tribes absolutely rape your ass and there's nothing you can do... because trying to kill someone with a 3/1 citz/military ratio are ridiculous.

h3 -

Totally ageee with the above

Lame tactics to win the age and abuse the mechanics

Plato -

DE is the new templars.

rEdL|nE -

the DEV people are idiots

I've addressed this issue a lot of times in the past, nothing has been done about it.

and NOW they've managed to reward war dodging.

WHO is the smart-ass taking care of the rules?


It's not fucking rocket science!

Casper -

Those tribes that live through the ups and down of the age have to build dpa to keep away attackers vs when you die and restart there's literally no threat's and is why this alliance is abusing the fact they need no D and build less 10% less homes... You getting the picture? Next age i grow and when i see an alliance dying and all becoming DE to abuse power i will restart and do the same fucking thing... It's actually a curse to be over 4k land with the new way of playing this game (which i am not for and am weighing heavily if i return next age).

rEdL|nE -


1. I kill a tribe in that war - that tribe shouldn't be allowed any aggressive ops against my alliance for 48 hours.
2. I win a war I get some spoils.
3. Idiots surrender to protect their tribes they lose stuff which I get.

It's that simple. Surrender isn't for free. Winning should bring one a profit. Surrendering should be costlier (resource wise) than losing.

rEdL|nE -


what is the point with 50% damage yet no penalties for surrendering? Who had this amazing logic?


bill -

Redline your solutions help but don't fix small nuke tribes. Last 2 weeks they sit at 2k with no attackers in range, even 48hrs pass they still get to be a nuke tribe.

Kovenant -

1,2,3 breath
Rinse & repeat

rEdL|nE -

if they nuke with 20% homes you kill them constantly. I don't see a problem with that.

Kovenant -

You can have a non stop war

Someguy -

The problem becomes once they are at 20% homea in war with no D their citz are forever high depsite the ops cause lower % of homes means ops do fuck all completely broken system
Now you can say just attack haha they have no D You cant do that unleas you geared towards attacking if you live through the age as a thief or a mage your useless vs these tribes youra ops do nothing if the solution is to just surrender this game is at an all time low

I agree casper absolutely ridiculous
Why not have ops continue to rape people despite % i dont see anyting in the ops that say hey lower homes i suck now i just see destroy x amount make it stick ffs fix this

bill -

Well its based on percent, so as the # of homes drops, the percentage return on dmg does. This has been like that for a long long time.

Yes they are killable, but who wants to spend 2 weeks pruning the bottom endlessly of tribes that come back stronger every time they get killed lololololol. I guess redline would? [:p]

Plato -

Or make ml cap with acres as in old orkfia. Then those little nukes would have ml 20 tops.

Since there is no infinity any longer why not?

bill -

It was around for an age or so - Idk why it was removed

Kappa -

Why was ML cap removed in infinity?

rEdL|nE -

because it makes sense in infinity. but in an age system a ML cap should exist.

Kelvin -

“Fix” to stop the abuse:
1st time you die you restart with “kill bonus” as today.
2nd time you restart at 500 acres.
3rd time you restart at 500 acres, with 48 hours “protection”.

Reset always mean you start at 500 acres, with 48 hour protection(?).
Starting a new tribe always mean you start at 500 acres.

bill -

That would solve it but also introduce multi killing people (thus encouraging killing small tribes) to prevent them from growing up again and being any threat at all.

Casper -

What about a leveling system entered into this game? For instance with the ML issues have it set so your land dictates you ML. For example every 1k land you can grow 10 ML's and those 10 ML's are dependent of if you want to build the academies. So for example am a tribe sitting at 1k land i have the ability to build 10% academies for a ML of 10. You would do this so on until you reached a max ML of say 40? for a 4k tribe and up you gain no additional ML, but maybe we could introduce another level of game play where after reaching one goal (in this case the ML max at 40), you would start working towards more mana or regen. that sort of thing.

The top part of this message would give those tribes resetting or sitting at a low land size just oping the shit out of ppl and doing serious dmg finally at a disadvantage.

These are my raw thoughts that just popped into my head so if it's a horrible idea please be nice about saying it lol.

Scarlet -

I'm 100% sure this is about me and directed at me dev wise.

I spoke out for removing DE flat bonus, and success rate buff. I agree that the combo is too much.

If you read through the other suggestion posts you'll see we are going to be reworking war damage. Along with a few races.

As for killing me, they've been in kill zone on me twice but I've been on to release. I've been opped by three alliances and attacked by two. So its pretty self policing.

As to what actually needs to be adjusted, it is damage done by larger tribes. Or at least a minimum damage per op to combat percentage games. As ops deal % of building I'm able to gain survivability by running less homes.

So if anything buffing the minimum damage per op needs to happen. Along with mana per guild/tp per ho scaling up a bit better.

Someguy -

Scarlet what needs to be changed is the ability to run low homes it shouldnt be a choice.

The percentage done to homes and others ahould be an amount based on size of the affecting tribe i like caspers of leveling its rewarding to grow to grow now is dumb and pointless please just rework the % dmg to amount just let it do a certain value based on new factors

Its sickening to know that this will now be exploited until reworked 100%

Kovenant -

Its actually quite an old tactic and yeah shouldnt be possible.
I like the idea of dmg per op =% of acres instead of %of buildings.
With the addition that dmg is scaling evenly with the amount of destroyed buildings.

bill -

I mean I'm down to keep it one more age - as long as some ally goes all DE, WE, Raven glass cannons next age and wipes out all the big tribes to illustrate the point [evilgrin]

Sanzo -

Uh oh somebody took advantage of being small, better change the whole game to prevent this in the future.
Will it ruin the game as we know it? Probably!
Will it create more flaws? Of course!

A band-aid here, a band aid there!

hardar -

I spoke out for removing DE flat bonus, and success rate buff. I agree that the combo is too much.

I don't agree. DE have bad military so they have to run thief def to keep safe (that's the theorical thing).
What's broken with them is they can take a better advantange of the restarting situation than other races. What needs to be fixed is not DE, but restarting conditions.

Scarlet what needs to be changed is the ability to run low homes it shouldnt be a choice.

Of course it should be. If someone wants to build less home and be more vulnerable for more firepower it's a valid strategy. Then again, the specific case of somewhat broken restarting conditions makes a particular case.
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