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dagyrox -

When a spell says quite hard for a strong mage, what does that mean? how strong does your mage have to be to be more successful? and what's the ML diference have to be to keep the success rate high?

Scarlet -

I'll be adding more to guide. In meantime did you read the thread on formulas?

Max has a tool.

dagyrox -

ok, so after your post i look around for a post and found further down a mention of tools, in there i found an old tool we used to use to figure out the approx # of ops that would succeed. So, that'll do for now. Thanks.

Scarlet -

Hmmm max has a pretty one that shows distribution of probabilities. I'm try and link.

dagyrox -

I think you n i talking about same thing.

FueledbyPlants -

What about thievery operations? How do we come up with a number when calculating how many thieves to send. When performing an operation I don’t know whether to send 10 thieves or 10,000..???

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Orkfia. 2003ish I think,,definitely around then.

Thanks for help.

DarthMaul -

Sometimes I send less thief than the recommended quantity. But the ops just works! Don't know though about reduction of the result (formula)...

Bolle -

If you send too little you get less damage, %-wise.
Also sending more doesn't give you more damage.

So just listen to the autofill except MAYBE for poison water if it still works for getting minimum citz killed when the target is at 200 citz.

EDIT: it used to be 1 TPA per acre; it's also been 1 TPA per enemy acre. I dunno which it is now or if there's other stuff playing a role now.
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