Spell/Operations Concepts

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Start a few fires, and watch as your enemies yards are consumed in flames.
Destroys 2% yards (Currently destroys 1%)

Engineered Explosives
Your thieves will plant some explosives inside an enemy's mines and loot gold from the wreckage.
Destroys up to 1% mines. Gain 4000 crowns per mine destroyed.

Arsenic Infusion
Infuse the enemy military's food and water with poison.
Destroys up to 2% food. Kills 0.04% of targets offensive units. Difficulty: Hard (Comparable in difficulty to Arson)
Can only be cast on a tribe within 25% of your land size.

Change Operation name to: Intrigue
Your thieves will attempt to assassinate your enemies mages, and destroy their academies through political manipulation and propaganda.
Destroys 1% enemy academies.

Cut Supply (New):
(This is mystical rust, with a crown gain)
Sabotage the enemy's weaponries, and disrupt their supply lines selling the goods for profit.
Destroys 1% weaponries. Gain 1000 crowns per weaponry destroyed.


Mystical Rust (Remove)

Destroys 1% Guilds and Hideouts. (Currently 0.5% Academies, Guilds & Hideouts)
Hard to cast for a weak mage.

Conjure (Self Spell)
Your mages use their energies to conjure wood and food.
Creates food and wood per successful cast. This is hard to cast for a weak mage.
(Acres / 5 food, Acres/10 Wood).
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