T/T cost

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Bulby -

it seems like it takes way to many thieves to run T/T why did it go up? at one point it was 1 tpa and now its alost 3 tpa,,,

Sanzo -

i dunno but get an alli mate to run it on you

Bulby -

the whole thing is im a thief so to do a couple of alliance members it empties out the TPA

Scarlet -

Hmm, interesting side effect. The idea was to inadvertently make it thieves only by raising it. Didn't think about a full alliance only having one thief.


Scarlet -

Anyone else finding this an issue?

Nandu -

its super expensive, for sure. if the intent, though, was to make it accessible to only the select few who run that high
of a TPA, then its fine. it just depends on what you want from that particular function in the game. there should be
certain functions that are not usable by every single player; it creates niche strategies that people, or alliances as a
whole, must adopt. this last sentence is relevant to the proposed, upcoming changes to science, too. it is ok if every
single branch of the science tree is not perfect for every player; preferable, in fact.
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