How to Survive Suiciders

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Smikis -

Since nothing has been done to encourage attackers into attacking early game, suiciding is a valid tactic and in last few ages one that won the age.
And already happening again, might as well stop the age and declare the winner now.

As to top, how to counter suiciders
1. Get more players, still waiting on that marketing campaign.
2. Get constant intelligence of players that suicide.
2.1 Vision/Fly over to detect attacks even if nazgul, look at fame.
2.2 Intercept works best and very easy early game, get 100 thiefs are you are set for long time.
3. Learn attacking pattern/times.
4. Actually hit back even if he suicider will hit you, or you will never have the chance to outgrow him and he will still hit you, due your weakness.
5. Be active and keep getting intelligence, that will discourage suicider from constant suicides to grow.
6. Tell devs to fix attackers and exploring, we lost half of player base we had 2-3 ages ago.
6.1 How about a minimum of 20 DPA + scaling per time passed at home, or citizens panic and leave the tribe, some other negative effect. Would fix both attacking suiciders and respawning thief suiciders who get just thiefs, I know I've done both..

Gus Fring -

Don't explore if you don't have the defence maybe?

You call it suicide, I call it semi-suicide.

Previous ages have not been won by suicides. It's won by being active and careful consideration of attacking who.
I have only suicided(semi) once that was on you holding 100 dpa home.(end last age)

I agree I would like to see the player base increased as well.

The age is not won by a single tribe but by a whole alliance. You seem to be too much focussed(again) on single tribe rankings.

I agree on most of the other points except 6.1
This does not work early stage because different races have different millitairy setup. Some choose to have a mixture of spec and leets. other might go full leets. And has nazz cannot explore , so eventhough they are slow, they need attacks to grow. if everyone needs to leave 20 dpa home, even attackers cant attack eachother. Whats the point?

If one tribe takes the risk to make 2 max explores within 6 hours and hold 25k def home, thats for me the same risk as semi-suiciding for an attacker.

Good advice though:)

Kovenant -

if you have more input regarding the Marketing campaign let us know :)
we send out some mailings and have been working a bit on social media.
the game has been promoted on several sites and forums.

we are checking if wel can create a new mailing or another small marketing campaign but more input is welcome!


I think what we need is constant promoting

I believe the previous blast out generated interest and got some players - heck I joined orkfia from reading the various text out there and saw it fit the utopia model, from which I used to play

Keep up the attention and it might get more peopl who are on the look out, like me

Smikis -

no such thing as semi suiciding as nazgul this age, you had to fully suicide to hit anyone that trained defence, it's a different story now since raid income boosts nazguls a lot.
It doesnt have to be 20 dpa at home, but 20 dpa is not much thats 10k at 500, which IS A SUICIDE, fact is as nazgul you could not hit anyone and keep more than 5k, that's another issue, I raised before that nazguls were nerfed too much, but since you are like only active attacker, it really doesnt matter

PS 13, I am still waiting till you guys learn how to play attackers >_<

rEdL|nE -

Smikis it's not a suicide unless a big chunk of people can break you. If it's only 1-2 it's actually leaving proper def at home and taking a chance.

I see you need to understand this is an alliance game and we'll gladly show you what that means this age!

Smikis -

there is nothing allianc“y” in solo attackers suiciding, and I'm fairly certain there were at least 5 players that could break him on his first 5 attacks or so, one of my suggestions was to make attackers attack.. which would remove all this suiciding, but w/e

Sanzo -

The best defense again suicides is having some offense
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