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Sanzo -

If you wish to make any comments regarding the poll, or what you would want from future age changes, please post here [up]

Insya -

Two somewhat related thoughts

Over the last several ages I have been back, one of my favorite things about this game is how much things can change between ages. I love that suggestions that get some backing are often tried out, and that the dev team isn't afraid to make sweeping changes to game mechanics. I think this keeps things from going stale, and keeps me at least engaged in the game. Towards that end, I think it is ok if XXX race kicks everyone's butt for an age or two, as long as the game continues to evolve at the pace it has been. Balance is nice, but spending a lot of time trying to achieve it takes away from other changes that could be made.

I know it has been talked about before, but I think the focus right now should be towards growing the community. To grow the community, I see two distinct steps.

1) Improve how easy it is to pick up the game. Changes already made to the UI and Guide help a lot. A “getting started” or “Your first age in Orkfia” type guide would be the next step. On top of that, reinstating the boot camp, and making sure that there are 3-4 experienced players playing there (on second accounts ??) is probably the best way to retain new players that try out the game. Having an active alliance (instead of just one or two people) and potentially ending the age in the top 5-10 is a great way to get people excited about the game.

2) Attracting new people. After we have something like the above in place, recruiting is next. The free path (asking people you know to try the game out) is probably the most effective. If we have someone with some advertising experience however, I am sure several of us would be willing to toss some money in a pot for a small advertising campaign. I have no idea how much we would have to spend to get value out of it, but I think it is worth exploring.

Smikis -

get rid of basic stats for attackers, its fine for mages and thiefs to have basics with offence to hit suiciding attackers early.
Stop starting ages on Fridays, 70% of age starts occurs on Friday, people do have lives, first 72 hours are most important, if you want to grow, which is impossible unless you can be active very weekend. Start ages on Monday-Wednesday

Sanzo -

Concerning basics, I am thinking it was a failed experiment. While I like the prospect of using basics strategically, it is just too abusable early on.

Although Age 88 started on Friday, age start times are typically 30 days apart, not 28 (to account for 2 days between ages). Age 87 started Wednesday, Age 86 Monday, Age 85 Friday, Age 84 Wednesday....
With that said, Age 89 will probably start on a Sunday or Monday.
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