Age 89 Changes: Discussion

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Sanzo -

What do you like/dislike about the changes?
What do you want for next age?

We are listening! (I swear really we are) Tell us what you want! [:D][heart][up]

Mistro -

New race additions awesome. Race spells and class spells really nice addition maybe overpowered in some cases but will take an age or two to see.
Dragons too weak. Not individual enough they are just more efficient units directly balanced by less income. In my eyes not as different as they deserve.

lepel -

250cr for sollies for dragons makes no sense!! they have low citz anyway, so they wont use basics like dwarves or wizards did previous age.

Make sols 100cr and it gives dragons more viablitly

Sanzo -

Due to all the backlash, Yes I think dragons need to be tweaked before the age.
Thanks for the feedback.
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