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Mistro -

I'm currently in an unofficial war with a full alliance and have had a tribe defected to me from the graveyard who has then voted himself as elder meaning I can't defect him. My science has taken a huge hit as a result and hence I am suffering big time.

What can I do with the rules/options as they are. And what can be implemented for future ages to stop random tribes being defected into 1man allies and hijacking elder?

Sanzo -

You must have at least 3 players to make your alliance private, meaning no one can defect into it.
If you need the elder votes reset, you can send a PM or report to staff in #3 and we can reset those votes

Gus Fring -

Its game meant to be played together. You shouldn't be focussed to play on your own.

Resetting votes will only promote other people start playing on their own.
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