Lots of noobie questions

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Gits -

His power walk might have been slower than normal. Just wait another hour or so. [;)]

Sanzo -

If you attack into an ongoing war, or while at war, you attack a 3rd party, your general will take an additional 2 hours to “rest”

Alias -

This particular Alliance is not at war and is not listed as having a war end today in global news.

Should I report under bugs?

Nandu -

When I go to the research page and scroll down to the Politics section, there is a blank line for what occurs at 90%. Is that because there is no bonus at 90% for that particular branch of research or is that a mistake?

Buffy -

No 99% research this age for that one. Its being looked at.

Sanzo -


As posted in the Age Changes ( ), 90% bonuses for Infrastructure and Politics were removed. Unfortunately, we could not ram in all of our changes in time to give new bonuses.
In the meantime, if you should think of a cool bonus, feel free to post away on the Suggestions Forum ( )

Nandu -


Smokey -

When someone merges, do they take their RP with them to the new alliance?

Buffy -

If you are holding any, invested no.

Nandu -

what if 2 alliances merge fully?

Buffy -

Not sure if it has changed any, but it used to be the better alliances market and rps. Wasnt combined

Sanzo -

When someone merges, do they take their RP with them to the new alliance?

As Buffy stated, they only take their uninvested (still in tribe) RPs. However, if they are the last tribe to leave their alliance they take all of the invested RPs in addition to uninvested.

what if 2 alliances merge fully?

Their invested research is combined. Uninvested is carried along too, of course

fear -

just to be clear sanzo,

If a 1 man alli sent a alli merge request to join another alli (1 to 7 tribes) would the market goods and RPs ( invested and non-invested) move with them ?
In addition, if a 1 man alli, which is the last tribe in the alli, requested a merge to an alli with 1 to 7 tribes would the market goods and RPs (invested and non-invested) move to ?

Mistro -

Yes and yes

Jolten -

Correct to both

Nandu -

how much damage do 'damage' attacks do when out of war?

Bolle -

Half of usual.

Theres a lot of modifiers though.

Hecate -

Is there a way to look at the archived races?

Noodle -

I was wondering that as well

Nandu -

Used to be a wiki link but it disappeared at some point. trying googling the wiki or look in stickies for it
was even some artwork for some of the races. pretty cool. (wish it was included in guide for the races)

Fisk -

While that link works, be aware that; stats, costs, advantages and disadvantages are all depending on what the state of the game was when the race was retired.
All numbers can and will be altered as needed.[:D][heart][up]

Mriswith -

In the few rounds I've been here for, races are added with the same idea as the dev link, but final numbers are always altered.

Kairon -

Bring some oldies out of retirement [cry]

Nandu -

They are real good about mixing it up with races.

Btw, isn't there a soft cap on labs? I can't seem to find where I had read that or if it was removed
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